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‘The Bachelor’ Women Tell All 2013: AshLee Steals the Show with Tales of Sean’s Intimate Confessions

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“How many of you think this is the best ‘Bachelor’ season ever?” That’s how Chris Harrison opened the ‘Women Tell All’ special last night. Do we agree? After showing us Sean Lowe crashing several ‘Bachelor’ parties around LA and ramping up the jealousy just a little more, his ladies were brought out: Ashley P., Diana, Brooke, Daniella, Jackie, Kacie, Leslie H., Kristy, Taryn, Katie, Amanda, Selma, Robyn, Sarah, Desiree, Lesley M., and AshLee. Some I could barely remember but judging by the audience’s applause, Desiree won on popularity.

The highlights footage reminded us how much alcohol had been consumed this season and just how accident prone Tierra appeared to be. AshLee came out of it branded as a “control freak” who the “ladies” never liked.

“She saw Sean on TV, and now she’s in love,” sneered Desiree.

But it wasn’t long before Chris Harrison through the floor open to the ladies to say whatever the heck they liked about Tierra the Tierrarist. They were quick to throw all her phrases back at her. Selma quipped that they kept telling Tierrarist, “Ya gotta hide your crazy,” while Lesley gloated, “Your sparkle didn’t sparkle that big!”

A straw poll revealed that pretty much everyone believes Tierra faked both her fall down the stairs and her “hypothermia.” Roby got mad all over again because she felt she didn’t get to concentrate on Sean because Tierra was taking up too much of her energy and concentration. In fairness, that sounds like Robyn’s problem to me; not Tierra’s.

Tierra of course was first up to the hot seat, where she again proceededs to tell our host that normally she brings “this joy” and “this smile” wherever she goes, but as soon as she walked into Casa Bachelor with the first rose, she was surrounded by judgmental bitches who just wanted to take her down.

But when he pointed out that other women got roses on dates and no one hated them, we got to the nub of Tierra’s problem:

“I didn’t want to be friends with them. Sean put in my mindset… ‘Tierra, focus on the prize.’”

That gave Chris chance to point out that she could focus and still retain basic human manners, but apparently Tierra felt ganged up on. Long story short, the Tierrarist doesn’t regret a thing so that of course set the women off at her again.

“You’re delusional!” declared Robyn, much to the audience’s delight.

“She was there to be fake, to show Sean a good face, and that’s it,” said Jackie, like somehow they weren’t all there for the same purpose.

AshLee almost lost it at being accused of lying by the Tierrarist. That gave Chris Harrisn a chance to go after AshLee: was she “a bit of a bully” in St. Croix?

“Tierra made her own bed, her own cot, what have you,” Lesley dismissed this suggestion. “I think [AshLee] was tough, but I think somebody had to be.”

The audience loved that! But Tierra was not about to have a meltdown like Courtney did on  last year’s Women Tell All; she just sort of gives a half-assed apology: “I think I came into this really scared and I didn’t really know how to handle it. And I handled it, I guess, in a bad way. And I apologize.”

But “When I was a little girl, I won Little Miss Nevada,” Tierra was keen to let us all know, in case that had not come out during the show. That sort of explains everything, doesn’t it?

So from one extreme to the other, we moved on to Sarah Herron. She’s tearful almost immediately because “It’s the worst to be told you’re great, but you’re not good enough for me.” Yet again, she blames her failure n love on the fact that she has one arm. I don’t know about you but I’m getting really tired of that now. She’s pretty, she’s sweet, she’s even a little bit funny. I don’t see why her arm is off-putting. In fact, the only thing that gets on my nerves about Sarah Herron is the number of times she manages to bring up the fact that she has one arm.

Desiree was up next, minus her bangs, which is not necessarily a good thing. She looked incredibly nervous as the footage of her very uncomfortable farewell with Sean was played. She’s still nursing hurt feelings about that.

“I saw our lives lining up. I pictured ourselves together.”

She insisted her brother wasn’t being rude, just “protective,” but admitted he may have sabotaged her chances with Sean: “I would be curious to see if my brother hadn’t been there, would things have been different?” Wouldn’t we all!

Of course, there was no mention of the rumors that Desiree may be the next ‘Bachelorette.’

The final lady to take to the hot seat is, AshLee. Her silent goodbye to Sean wasn’t because she was “pissed” she insisted, although as Chris Harrison pointed out, “You look pissed!”

Apparently, she felt misled.

“He’d been telling me, ‘You’re going to meet my family — you and my sister are going to be best friends.’ So this whole time I’m thinking, ‘Huh, I got this,’” she admitted. “And then all of a sudden I didn’t.”

Has she not watched this show before appearing on it? That’s kind of what happens all the time. But she’s over Sean, apparently, because he’s a phony and a “frat boy.” Bitter much, AshLee?

Sean was up for explaining, though:

“There were times where I felt like I couldn’t find that laughter with you. I just had to go with the two women that I felt I could create that family with that I want to.”

Then AshLee dropped her bombshell. Upset that Sean didn’t check on her in her hotel room while she was waiting to leave Thailand, she shot out, she claims that Sean told her he “had absolutely no feelings” for Lindsay and Catherine. While the audience grumbled, Sean butted in:

Sean: I didn’t say that.

AshLee: Sean.

Sean: I had absolutely no feelings for the other two women? I didn’t say that.

AshLee: Twice, you didn’t say that Sean?

Sean: I… promise that I didn’t say that. I didn’t and I wouldn’t say that.

AshLee: Sean, come on.

Then eventually AshLee had to clarify that according to her, Sean said, “There’s absolutely nothing between us.” Sean denied it all but AshLee continued to insist that she’s “not making that up,” until eventually an awkward silence descended.

The best that even Chris Harrison can manage is: “Well, I’m not sure if this helped or hurt,” says the host. “But I am glad both of you got to finally have the talk that you didn’t get to have in Thailand.”

The confrontation continued through the ad break with Sean denying everything and AshLee insisting, “But you did! You did! I want to beat you right now because you said it.”

Eventually there was closure of sorts with Sean offering an apology: “Obviously I must have said something that misled AshLee and I’m sorry if I did.”

So what did you think? Was AshLee telling the truth, or was she trying to stir things for his current relationship as her last act of revenge?

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