“Yes, she’s really engaged,” Tyler said. “We’re all really happy about it.”Soooooo…? Spill, Tyler!Apparently he didn’t feel he could reveal the actual name of his sister’s fiancé, but he did reveal some details.

“It’s someone she had been seeing before the show. They’ve known each other three or four years and have been dating most of that time,” Tyler explained. “They were even living together in Vegas and Tierra was, at one point, working for his family’s business.”

So why was she even on “The Bachelor”? Well, apparently Tierra and her mystery man had a bad breakup and she relocated back to Denver, signing up for the reality TV dating show. Rebound!

As soon as she left him, Tyler said, Terra’s ex “had a huge change of heart and wanted to get her back.”

As ever, the course of true love never runs smooth and Tierra’s phone was switched off, so her mystery beau called her parents and he got in touch through them. They told him she was appearing on “The Bachelor.”

“He did everything he could to try to get to her. He even called ABC to find out where she was filming so he could fly there. He was literally on his way to St. Croix the day he finally reached her. It turns out, that was the exact same day Sean let her go,” said Tyler.

When Tierra got to the St. Croix airport and got her phone back she discovered a heap of messages from her ex, and one telling her he was coming to get her. She let him know she had been rejected on the show so instead the pair met up in Colorado in November.

Apparently they’ve been together ever since and he proposed in January, after he relocated to Denver to be with her. So maybe there will be a happy ending for Tierra LiCausi after all. Congratulations!