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“The Bachelor” Season 17 Episode 5 Recap: Which Girl Already Has a Boyfriend?

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This week on “The Bachelor” season 17 with Sean Lowe we are to be treated to a two-night extravaganza. In part one last night, the girls were called upon to milk goats, the dreaded two-on-one date and a gate-crasher on the group date.

The girls were packed off to Montana and did we really hear Daniella delightedly squeal “I get to see my boyfriend — yaaaay!”? I don’t get it. Isn’t this show meant to be about competing to be Sean Lowe’s girlfriend? Aren’t the girls meant to be single?

Lindsay got the first one-on-one date, which began with a helicopter tour of Glacier National Park and a picnic at Blackfeet Indian Reservation. I knew it! Sean admitted that he thought Lindsay was crazy when she turned up in a wedding dress at the premiere. But he’s clearly gotten over that as he couldn’t stop kissing her.

The group date was more like “Survivor” than “The Bachelor” as it involved a canoe race, moving hay bales, sawing through a 12-inch log, and then milking a goat. “But wait! They had to drink the milk too.

First up were the blue team’s Lesley and Catherine racing the red team’s Robyn and Selma in canoes…if you can call it “racing.” The blue team’s lead when the bale carried by AshLee and Daniella falls apart, allowing Sarah and Desiree to catch up. Even after the goat kicked over Desiree and Robyn’s bottle of milk and they had to start over, the blue team’s AshLee and Daniella just couldn’t catch up.

So the red team won an intimate night out with Sean at Casey’s fine dining while the others should have gone back to the mansion, except Sean felt bad about that.

“It just seems like it’s a little late in the ‘journey’ to be sending girls home that I really need to spend time with -,” Sean said, “- so I decide that I’m gonna have to bend the rules a little bit.”

Chris Harrison was dispatched to bring the other girls back for dinner. They didn’t get there in time to hear Desiree so upset because she drank a glass of goat’s milk for nothing, though. Robyn was not happy about Sean’s leveler either.

Tierra snuck up on Sean, hunting more one-on-one time with him. She guilt-tripped him with, “I came all the way to Montana to spend time with you and I’m like, ‘What the heck? Why am I getting a two-on-one?’… Honestly the two-on-one — it felt like a huge slap in the face, almost,” she whined.

“I hope you follow your heart and make the right decision, because I know one of us is going home” came her veiled threat.

While Desiree was still whining, AshLee decided to get positive.

“I just adore you,” she told him.

And AshLee is one of the three or four ladies on the show that Sean has said he’s “crazy about,” so that’s promising, right? Catherine got to snuggle in Sean’s lap, so engrossed in each other they didn’t notice Daniella spying on them.

Of course, by the time she finally does get her one-on-one time with Sean, Daniella was in tears over how “hard” it is to see Sean “connect” with the other women, and he did his best to calm her down, in a non-committal way of course. “I know I love being with you,” he says. “I just don’t want you to feel like I’ve forgotten about you or anything like that.” Daniella was thrilled and rewarded Sean with a deep tongue kiss.

Tierra and Jackie started the two-on-one date trying to ignore each other in the SUV but they get to the Bar W Guest Ranch alive, where he’ll Sean asked Tierra some “probing questions” while also deciding whether Jackie could be his “best friend.” There was horseback riding, too.

Did “Bachelor” producers set Jackie up? Because her slowest horse on earth left her way behind Sean and Tierra. This obviously left her out of sorts as she spent her alone time with Sean slagging off Tierra. (Will these girls never learn?)

“I would hate for you to fall in love with somebody who’s not their true self,” she said. “Obviously Tierra’s been, ever since the other night, trying to fit in with the girls… and I appreciate that. Um, but you know, when there was a cute guy at the airport she did kind of make a comment that she thought he was cute and was definitely flirting.”

This alone would probably have been enough to book Jackie’s exit, but then Tierra played her trump card: dead addict boyfriend.

“The hardest part about losing him,” she told Sean, “was that I lost my best friend. I think that’s why I’m so afraid of getting close to someone.”

At a very tense cocktail party, Desiree set upon Sean, telling him she finds his actions “confusing” and “unpredictable.” Of course she was talking about Tierra, who hears and storms off. Robyn, Lesley, and Catherine followed to confront her. It got weeeiirddd. Sean showed his naivety when, after professing to want to sort this out, ask Tierra of all people what was going on.

The poor guy was put in a spin.

“Nights like tonight, I’m not sure that my wife is in there,” he admitted.

Have you seen what happens to the “Bachelor” alums, Sean? It’s highly doubtful your wife is in there. But roses had to be given out and they went. Robyn therefore got the limo ride of shame.

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