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The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 7 Recap: Ben Flajnik’s Final Four, SPOILERS

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Courtney Robertson haters probably hated last night’s episode of The Bachelor season 16. But then maybe they were reassured by our long-range spoilers of who wins The Bachelor 2012. Anyway, the trailer made it look like Courtney was about to be fed to the sharks in Belize. But no, instead Ben Flajnik chose to dump Emily and Rachel.

Rachel’s departure perhaps was not such a surprise, but Emily had once been a front runner, so it’s no wonder she was gutted at being ousted at this late stage.

Did Ben once say that he is not into drama? So what is Courtney still doing around!

Anyway, let’s take a look at how they all get on in Belize, where the humidity played havoc with Ben’s and Kacie’s hair.

At the start of the episode, while Kacie and Nicki were busy talking about how much they love Ben, Emily was busy dissing Courtney. She has not yet worked out it isn’t doing her any favors with Ben so I think she’s a bit of a lost cause by now.

The first one-on-one date went to Lindzi, which sends Nicki into a mental breakdown. Obviously a lot goes down off-camera because I would never have judged Nicki to be so deeply connected with Ben. Would you? But I just loved how all the other girls stayed seated on their lounge chairs and simply scowled jealously as Ben picked up Lindzi for their date.

That’s sure to impress him, of course!

Lindzi and Ben took a helicopter ride, spent with both his arms around her and looking very comfortable together. They went to a Blue Hole coral reef. But, of course, they couldn’t just enjoy themselves. They had to jump out of the helicopter and Lindzi is afraid of heights. They get over that and there’s a nice little “falling in love” pun from Lindzi.

We didn’t see much more of their day, but at dinner they kiss a lot so it must have gone well. She told the camera he’s sexy and she can’t take her eyes off him. Ben asked if she was ready for him to meet her family and says he could see himself with her for the rest of his life.

“I feel like I’m falling in love with this woman,” he said.


Emily got the cheesiest date card yet: “Emily, do you Belize in love?” But not before Courtney is whining on about wanting another one-on-one date. Cue some funny Courtney mocking from Kacie.

But she surely has no room to talk since she was the one breaking down because she had the first date of the season and got jealous because her boyfriend was dating other women?

Courtney cried for the first time on The Bachelor when Emily got the date card. She’s not at all happy seeing the woman who scorned her get more time with Ben.

“It would really make my day if he sent Emily home,” she said.

Seriously, does this woman get everything she wants!

But before that, Ben and Emily went for a bike ride through town. It was like two friends hangig out as they grabbed lobsters from the water and eating them for dinner. That night, they go dancing and talk about hometowns.

“I can see myself loving this woman,” Ben said, but their body language was saying otherwise, especially hers.

What I couldn’t work out is why Emily raised the topic of Courtney agan, saying they spent too long talking about Courtney and thereby talking about Courtney again. Has she cast a spell on them or something?

Back at the villa, we saw Courtney’s softer side. She cried and  says she’s not sure she’s ready to bring Ben home to meet her family.

It might be too late for them, she thinks. But next up she had her one-on-one with Ben. That sends Kacie into a potty-mouthed rant again. Bachelor season 16 may have to make room for another baddy; move over, Courtney, someone’s after your role.

Ben said he could see himself with Courtney long-term. Yeah, we know; I just don’t understand it.

He apologized for how long it’s taken him to give her another date and she told the camera she felt really strong for Ben in the beginning but “the spark has fizzled a little bit.” So they had a fun date concentrating on each other, right? Wrong! They talked about Emily.

“You’d better not give a rose to Emily or I won’t accept one myself,” Courtney warned.


She made Ben work at his wooing of her, admitting she had lost that loving feeling and eventually she had Ben consoling her for having to put up with the other women who clearly don’t like her.

But then we saw why Ben maybe likes Courtney.

“I want a woman with a little bit of edge. I want someone that’s a little bit weird,” he said.

He likes her unique weirdness. So romantic! Even he looked surprised when Courtney admitted that her best friends are men. No wonder, if Courtney thinks she has really been nice to everyone from day one. She’s evidently not a women’s woman.

But Ben seemed worried about more than Courtney not getting along with other women. He’s worried about her not getting along with anyone. Ben didn’t want to push her, but he was worried that, with Courtney, he’d be with a woman that others don’t like. Has he seriously just worked this out?

Rachel, Nicki and Kacie were woken up at 5 a.m. by Ben to go swimming with sharks. Rachel’s nervousness caused Ben to direct more attention towards her so of course Kacie got jealous. She says she doesn’t normally think of herself as a jealous person, but she’s pretty much been jealous all season. She worried that Rachel was going to get the group date rose for monopolizing Ben’s time.

Nicki talks to Ben and makes her pitch for him to come home to meet her dad. She tells Ben she’s falling in love. She seemed drunk.

Kacie is last to give Ben the hard sell. They all told him they were falling in love with him but Kacie got the rose for opening up to Ben.

Courtney’s not worried, though.

“She’s just like a little girl in like a little boy’s body,” she said.


It seems that not enough time has been wasted yet on talking about Courtney, because that’s exactly what Nicki and Kacie decide to use their date time with Ben for.

Before the cocktail party that never was, there was a rare event: Courtney talking more sense than the other girls. And she had to be intoxicated to say,

“Ben is not the only guy in the world. The spark is there or it’s not.”

Didn’t you just love Emily whispering,

“Did she just say Ben’s not the only guy in the world?”

Errmmmm… shall we just leave that there?

At the rose ceremony, Emily and Rachel were eliminated. So what is Emily to do now that she has been rejected by the only man in the world?

Ben Flajnik’s final four are: Nicki, Lindzi, Courtney and Kacie.

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