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The Bachelor 2012 Season 16 Women Tell All Recap: Courtney Robertson In The Hot Seat

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At this stage of the Bachelor 2012, with just the finale to go now, it’s difficult to remember that there are two girls left in the running, not just Courtney Robertson. Did Lindzi get her moment in the sun too? Not really.

Read on to find out why, especially if you missed last night’s Bachelor episode. How could you!

Last night was a chance for the returning rejected contestants to air their feelings about the Bachelor experience and let Ben Flajnik know how they feel about him now. Unusually, Courtney and Lindzi were also to feature, which the girls in the finale don’t usually do. But were the producers really expected to pass up an opportunity for the girls to tell Courtney what they think of her? That’s TV gold right there!

The show opened with Bachelor and Bachelorettes partying together and talking about who they want on Bachelor Pad 3. Aww, the Frank and Ali reunion was so cute. Erica is quite catty about Ali. ME-ow! But I can’t wait to find out who will be  who will be on Bachelor Pad 3 because it’s bound to be dramatic!

Then we welcomed back Amber T, Monica, Jamie, Samantha, Jaclyn, Erika, Brittney, Elyse, Jenna, Jennifer, Rachel, Casey S, Blakeley, Emily, Nicki and Kacie B. Could you remember them all? No, me neither.

The girls shared their thoughts on their time on Bachelor. Jennifer said it was intimidating on the first night. Nicki admitted she was overeager. (Was she? My perceptions have been altered by Courtney being around this season.) And Blakeley said she was not there to make friends. Well, that’s OK then as she certainly didn’t make many.

The season highlights mostly focused on Blakeley, Brittney, Jamie and of course Courtney. Mostly it wasn’t pretty or nice.

First up for criticism was Blakely when Chris challenged her on how competitive she was in the show. She said she was not there to make friends and people had no right to say things about her. But Rachel was adamant that Blakeley was mean to her from the start. Samantha dropped F-bombs all over the place in describing Blakely but Jennifer said the two of them got along. Blakely said it was not her intention to upset anyone but she kind of acted in the moment.

Next we found out why Brittney left. She didn’t like Ben, basically. Fair enough. Emily understood that. (That part made me laugh.) But Samantha said Brittney cried over being bullied. Funnily enough she then continued to peck away at Brittney until she has had enough and told Samantha she is annoying and to shut up. Love it!

None of the girls looked really happy when Shawntel rocked up. She said she would never be as mean to the girls as they were to her. Oh go on. Please. It would be good TV.

Elyse apologized for her behavior to Shawntel and said she had cheered for her during Brad’s season.  The girls admitted they were blindsided by her sudden arrival and there seemed to be some jealousy. But Shawntel has no regrets.

Next in the hot seat was Emily. She spoke about how Courtney had brought a negative aspect to her Bachelor journey and she wished she had listened to Nicki’s advice that her true colors would come out. She said if he chose Courtney, then he hopes he can sleep in the bed he made. Woohoo!

Then we looked back at Nicki’s Bachelor journey. She said she was relieved and excited to be able to tell Ben she loved him. Chris agreed that it was natural and effortless between them but she wondered if it was too natural, too easy for him. What’s that meant to mean?

Anyway, she admitted what we all know: that she was shocked not to get a rose.

Kacie B. got her turn on the hot seat next and talked about how open she was to finding love. But unfortunately Ben did not fall in love with her. She flew to Switzerland to try to get some reassurance and closure, but in the end, she said their core values may have played a role in why it didn’t work out.

Then we got to the most interesting part: the girls telling Courtney what they think of her after some flashbacks of how she acted on the show. Scary!

Monica went first, telling Chris that Courtney is a liar, vapid, manipulative, not nice, hurtful and she means it. The difference between Courtney and Blakely is that Blakeley is real and can admit she messed up, apparently.

Kacie B. thought Courtney had a split personality and hoped Ben will see Courtney how she really is. Erika hoped she learned from this experience. Nicki can’t understand how Ben could be with Courtney when she can’t get along with others. Only Casey said she got on with Courtney.

Nicki wasn’t buying the apologies from Courtney at all.

So of course then it was time to bring out Courtney. She had not heard any of what had been said about her up to this point. She was clearly terrified, which showed more self-awareness than I have credited her with all season.

I loved how Chris told her the women are understandably pissed at her. She said that was a fair reaction and she wishes she could have done things differently.

But she had nothing to say when Blakeley asked her why she called her a stripper and a girl men cheat on girlfriends with. Elyse and Jaclyn then both had a go at her. But Nicki showed more compassion, asking Courtney why she apologized to Ben. Courtney said she realized the error of her ways.

Jennifer pointed out that she didn’t bother to learn her name while Courtney kept trying to apologize. It was like being thrown to the lions, though as the other girls just kept on attacking her. The whole thing descended into an argument.

Courtney apologized and asked for the girls’ forgiveness, adding that it has been hard on her and her family. Emily quite rightly said why they should forgive and forget when she didn’t and hopes she learned some lessons from this. Courtney said she found some things she needs to work on. Wow! Name then, girl. Go on. Name them.

I was with Blakely in her WTF moment as Courtney said she loved so many of the girls. Only Jenna seemed to be on her side and hoped she learns from this.

Blakeley wanted an apology and it was at this point that Courtney finally broke down and said she takes it all back. Chris stepped in then but the girls didn’t let it lie, talking about her as she walked away.

It was almost and anti-climax when Ben was brought out, but at least Jennifer jumped right on him, wanting to know what Blakeley had what she didn’t. Ben said he never compared the two, it was just that he didn’t see a future with her.

Emily also wondered why she was let go. Did anyone understand any better after Ben’s mumbled explanation? I didn’t. He says that she lost focus on the ‘we,’ whatever that means.

He fared no better with Nicki. He can’t really say why he let her go. And then when the situation with Casey and her boyfriend was brought up, everyone agreed that Ben really sucks at goodbyes.

After some bloopers we got a closer look at the remaining two girls, Courtney and…what’s her name again…oh yeah…Lindzi.

Best moment all season? Monica asking Jenna to accept a tampon!

Be sure to tune in next week for the Bachelor season 16 finale and to see who Ben chooses.

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