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The Amazing Race 2012 Season 20 Finale Recap: Who Won The Fight To The Finish?

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Last night on ‘The Amazing Race’ we reached the finale, and what an exciting finish it was. We may have lost my favorites Mark and Bopper but there was plenty to enjoy last night as we eliminated one team in Japan and then went on to Hawaii with the finale three teams to race for the $1 million prize.

Rachel and Brendon, Rachel and Dave, Vanessa and Ralph, and Art and J.J. made their way to Japan for the first half of the race. Ironically, Rachel and Dave, having left before everyone else, were the last to arrive but their tension was eased (and ours increased) as all the teams had to wait until sunrise for their clues. They were all starting equal after a service at Hiroshima’s Itsukushima Shrine, the Peace Memorial for a service honoring the victims of the 1945 atomic bombings.

The Japanese leg of the race was pretty tough and awfully funny after a bullet train ride to Osaka.

For their roadblock, the teams had to compete in a Japanese game show, which involved running on a treadmill while attempting to grab some rubber chickens from the air with confetti falling in their faces. Presumably mimicking feathers. Ralph and Vanessa, or “Conan and the Kardashian” as Art and J.J. dubbed them, managed to make this look nigh on impossible. Well, Vanessa has hurt her ankle so she wasn’t the best one to take to the treadmill. As if getting lost (again) wasn’t bad enough she took one tumble after another!

The detour in Japan was either sushi bingo, or getting people to pose behind sumo cutouts for photos. Dave and Rachel were the only team to take the photo challenge, which proved a smart move as they took second place behind Art and J.J. who made light work of the sushi bingo. Teams had to identify the correct type of sushi, which had a number flag stuck in it, and put it on their board until they had five in a row. After eating their sushi, they could collect the next clue. Big Brother Rachel had her usual meltdown but somehow Ralph and Vanessa still managed to be last to check in, so they were eliminated and did not get to head to Hawaii. Rachel finally had it with Dave and yelled, “I’m so sick of you!”  I was so with her, weren’t you?

Art and J.J. got lost before they even started the detour, scaling one of Hawaii’s skyscrapers. After much Rachel whining, Dave and Brendon then got a tough roadblock: Hawaiian ice shaving.

And that, my friends, is when Rachel and Brendon messed up any chance they ever had of victory. They made the schoolboy error of not reading the clue properly and they drove to a stadium when they should have just walked to the outfield. Rachel and Dave completely missed out on a roadblock:  Hawaiian Games. Basically, it was like riding the luge on a less substantial, oiled-up wooden vessel (the Papa Holua) down a grassy hill to pick up a painted rock and roll it into a target 50 feet away. Art struggled, while Rachel couldn’t believe she had to turn right back around. Actually they dealt with it well.

The lifeguarding challenge was fun to watch. Team Army simulated an ocean rescue, with Rachel driving a jet ski and towing Dave behind, whose job was to grab a “distressed” swimmer to carry back to shore with relative ease. Art used to work in search and rescue so he and J.J. accomplished this quite easily too.

But after much battling, Rachel and Dave were crowned the winners of ‘The Amazing Race’ season 20. Yes, even despite missing a roadblock. Not only did they win the competition, their score of eight was the highest number of legs won by anyone. Art and J.J. finished in second place, and Rachel and Brendon in third.

What did you think to the result? Happy that Rachel and Dave triumphed in the end (in fact, all the way through)?

8 Responses to “The Amazing Race 2012 Season 20 Finale Recap: Who Won The Fight To The Finish?”

  1. Brooklen says:

    I wish that red headed step child “cry baby” would have fallen off a building and suffered for hours afterwards till finally dying from a rectal hemorage!!


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  2. Pauline says:

    Why would the network would allow people of another show to appear on The Amazing Race especially one that won a million dollars already? I adore The Amazing Race but, it somewhat leads me to believe that something is fishy here. And of all people to appear? CRY BABY? I was sick to my stomach when my daughter BEGGED me to watch Big Brother and when CRY BABY (AKA Rachel) opened her mouth, my daughter hit Mute as not to hear that CRY BABY’S voice. She said she couldn’t bare to hear her voice and now I know why! When Amazing Race started and I saw the names, I called my daughter to tell her to watch the show as I thought it was that CRY BABY that was on it. My daughter replied, “yes it is and that’s why I’m not watching it”.


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  3. Annah :) says:

    Im okay with the result but to be honest

    If anyone deserved to win it was bopper and mark. I am a huge fan bopper an mark
    I’m not very old but your efforts for your kids made me cry. Bopper I hope your leg gets better.
    Mark, I hope your motion sickness gets better. By the way nice dancing. People may
    Not agree with me but I’m your number one fan ever!
    Love your biggest fan Annah


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  4. Diane says:

    Most of these contestants acted like spoiled children!!

    I wasn’t rooting for anyone by the end.

    Not sure I would watch another season because of it.


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  5. raggdoll says:

    I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome only because this couple drove me nuts with their constant bickering. They were as bad as Big Brother in that area. They won 8 legs so on that count they deserved to win but on personality, I wanted Art and JJ to win.


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  6. mildred says:

    yeheyyyy.. im happy with the result.. rachel and dave since from the start of this amazing race season 20 they are my favorite they deserve to be the winners..


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  7. Charmaine says:

    Thank goodness! Congratulations Rachel & Dave. Yahoo….They were awesome and a great team.


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  8. Elle says:

    I’m happy with the result. Out of the finalists, Rachel & Dave are the most deserving as they came in first 8 times!

    It pays to be competitive :)


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