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The Amazing Race 2012 Episode 2 Recap: Who Leaves?

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Last episode of The Amazing Race we left the teams inArgentina. That’s where we picked them up last night as the teams left the pit stop in the order in which they arrived. But what I want to know is when will the people on this show learn to never rely on taxis!

Their first clue took the teams to the town square to wait for a man on horseback to deliver their next clue. After what seems ages, the teams discover they got a detour: two tasks that teams must choose between. Teams must complete one of the two tasks in order to get their next clue.

In this particular detour teams had to choose between “boil my water” or “light my fire”. 

In boil my water teams had to visit one of three towns and assemble a solar kitchen using only the picture on the box. Once there kitchen was assembled they had to boil a kettle of water. Once the kettle whistled they received their next clue.

In light my fire the teams had to collect fire wood and clay and ride a donkey one mile to deliver the goods.

All the teams except Art and JJ decided to boil the water.  At first it looked bad for the lone rangers as they kept passing the towns where their rivals were building kitchens, looking for somewhere to make a fire. They missed a lot of signs telling them where to go and drove around lost for quite some time.

Dave and Cherie quickly letting be known that they are not above peeking, if another team finished before them. Mark and Booper were the first to get their solar kitchen assembled. And since Dave and Cherie didn’t even know to look on the box for instructions until someone else told them, of course plenty inish before them.

Less competitive Kerri and Stacey helped out Joey and Danny when they asked what a piece does.

Mark and Booper is the first team to get their water to boil, and receive a clue which reveals that teams must take an 18 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires.

Mark and Booper, Rachel and Dave, Brendan and Rachel all make it onto the first bus, while the people on the second bus had to stop for two hours due to an accident as a window was broken. This enabled the third bus with Nary and Jamie and Kerri and Stacy to overtake them.

So Joey and Danny, Vanessa and Ralph , Cherie and Dave and Elliot and Andrew get stuck behind as Dave and Rachel reach the next clue: a road block. One team member had to count how many cows there are and use a formula to average how much all of the cows weigh. They must do this before the auctioneer moves onto a new group.  All without the aid of a calculator.

The two Rachels decided to do the road block. Mark got the wrong answer, and then the third bus turned up.

Rachel R also got her answer wrong. Rachel B and JJ get it right! 7,540 ÷ 22 = 342.

So it was then off to El Gomero for them.

Eventually, Booper and Brandon told Mark and Rachel R to work together, and that’s how they finally figured out the answer.

But Rachel and Brandon messed up. When they arrived at the roadblock they let their taxi go, so when they needed it again there was not a single taxi in sight. Big Brother fans would not have been surprised to see Rachel cry at this point. But all was oon well as they found another taxi. Hurrah!

By some miracle, Rachel and Dave were the first team to arrive at the pit stop for a second time in a row! They won a 7 day trip for two Rena. Art and JJ get second place.

When the second bus arrived at the roadblock. Stacy and Nary do the roadblock and Stacy was first.

Meanwhile the third and final bus arrived at the roadblock. Stacy and Kerri were team number five and Jamie and Nary were team number six to reach the pit stop.

Vanessa was quick at the roadblock so they arrive seventh hile Joey and Danny are team number eight and Elliot and Andrew are team number nine.

Unfortunately Dave struggled while doing the road block. This put them in last place so Cherie and David the married clowns are eliminated but it’s all good. Cherie says she is proud of Dave because he didn’t give up while Dave says through there 20 years of marriage they have gone through much worse but they have gotten through it together. So in the end they are walking away winners.

What did you think to this week’s Amazing Race 2012 episode?

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