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Survivor Week Two Elimination is a Blindside!

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This week starts out with coach talking about loyalty and talking loyalty with Edna. He admits he feels like he has new life and a solid alliance. We’ll see.

Cochoran with a machete scares me. I predict – right now – that he will cut something before he is voted off this season. He says he was told to leave it alone unless he had supervision – and I can see why. He swings it exactly how you aren’t supposed to, towards your body or towards a limb. He is just dangerous.

Ozzie was out on the beach walking and noticed a rock in a tree. What? He said it was worth investigating. And he was right. The rock was holding down the individual immunity idol. Luckily, he was alone when he saw it and he hid it elsewhere before anyone noticed what was up.

Brandon is chatting it up Coach. Brandon says he admires Coach and how he played the game. Brandon actually trusts him so much that he reveals to Coach who he is. Coach is stunned. He remembers that Uncle Russell said he was a man of his word and then voted him off for the next Tribal Council. Is that how this season will go too?

Back at Savaii, some of the guys decide they are hungry and go out fishing. Keith, Jim and Ozzie are out and talk strategy. Except Ozzie and Keith had already been talking about it and they just let Jim think he was the mastermind behind the alliance. Oh, how the smart think they are so infallible. Can you smell who will be the first one blindsided and voted off? Jim.

Upolu is also getting hungry, so they also decide to go out fishing. Brandon and Michaela are out with a net, trying to get fish. But Brandon is distracted by how good she looks and swears she is evil and will get her voted off first. Well, she is a lingerie league football player!

A few people are chatting about the idol. Christine finds a clue and debates over sharing it with the rest of the tribe. As she debates, they head to a challenge. It’s a modified maypole, with ribbons wound around that need to be untangled in order to release a key. The key will unlock the other players who need to put pieces to a large puzzle together. Winning teams gets bedding.

Savaii struggles while Upolu seems to be strong at unraveling their ribbons. But even though Upolu had a huge lead, they squandered it and ended up losing. They lost immunity and reward. Savaii also gets a clue to where the immunity idol is – except Ozzie already has it!

Time to strategize for Tribal Council. Coach wants to split the vote three ways, to flush out if someone found the immunity idol. Brandon wants to vote out Michaela, simply because she is young and hot. But he is telling people it is because she is a threat. Ha! At this point, no one is safe. Brandon has screwed up what Coach has worked to put in place. And history is repeating itself, by Brandon lying to Coach on who is voting for who.

It’s time to vote. Tribal Council is a mess. Everyone is throwing everyone under the bus. I don’t think anyone knows who to vote for or who is telling the truth. So, who will be the one voted off?
Christine! A complete blindside!

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