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Survivor South Pacific: Unlikely Winner Crowned

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Last night we reached the finale of Survivor: South Pacific, perhaps one of the most memorable seasons. It’s been a cast of interesting characters and stunning plot twists with Cochran feeling unsafe enough to flip allegiances and Brandon giving up his idol.

Was Brandon able to defeat Ozzy in the very last Redemption Island duel? Would the winner of that duel be able to work his way back to the top? Would we have a worthy winner?

Read on to find out.

Brandon arrived at Redemption Island to greet the sleeping Ozzy and admit he’d given up his idol. Ozzy told him what we all now know: that he made a big mistake there! But the two guys bonded anyway. Even Sophie knew that was stupid but she blasted Albert as a coward for not returning Brandon’s idol.

The Redemption Island duel saw Ozzy and Brandon having to hold on to a long pole with ¼ inch toeholds. Ozzy looked strong, but so did Brandon. After almost an hour, Brandon dropped down, saying,

“I’ve lost the game, but I’ve won” as he tossed his buff in the fire and walked off.

Ozzy appeared arrogant, boasting of how he’d survived over two weeks at Redemption Island and had flourished alone. He was strong and ready to take on the rest of the game.

Back at camp, suspicions ruled. Coach hinted that he’d give Ozzy the idol if he won it but Ozzy didn’t believe him. Coach was sure he was safe though, as everyone wanted to take him to the end.

It was a tough Immunity Challenge; holding a toggle with their left hand to balance a board, they had to make a house of wooden cards. Ozzy pulled off the win and then tried to blow apart the alliance. He hates Sophie, apparently, and spilled about Coach’s secret deal to take him to the end.

At Tribal Council Ozzy was proud to be safe and celebrated with some coconuts he refused to share. Coach played the idol. Ozzy called Sophie a brat and she had a meltdown. Rick was voted out and left telling Coach to sit down and not attempt to hug him.

Sophie retaliated at Ozzy, not wanting to share their food with him either. Ozzy just didn’t trust anyone anymore.

The final four did their next challenge in rare pouring rain but arrived dry. Not sure about that!

The challenge was a flower shaped obstacle course. Each petal had a puzzle piece. Once all five were retrieved they had to solve a puzzle. Ozzy started miles ahead but Sophie and Coach caught up and eventually Sophie solved the puzzle to capture the last immunity necklace.

The last Tribal Council came and for some reason (ratings, mabe?) host Jeff Probst was amazed that the three weren’t confidently together. Anyway, Ozzy was voted out.

So, Albert, Coach and Sophie made it to the final three. They had a breakfast feast and burned down the shelter. Unfortunately we didn’t get to hear them talking about previous players as we usually would at this stage. I guess there was just too much else going on.

At the final Tribal Council each of the remaining three made a short speech. Albert was honored and privileged and thought he’d played a good social game. Sophie had set out to outwit, last and play, loyal to the end. Coach had fought an uphill battle and he appreciated each and every jury member.

The jury spoke, and then the voting commenced. Jeff took the voting urn and said he’d see everyone in LA.

So then we hit the live portion of the Survivor: South Pacific finale. After a bit of discussion, Sophie Clark was announced at the million dollar winner of Season 23 of Survivor. Ozzy won fan favorite though and found himself $100,000 better off. And Whitney and Keith are officially a couple!

Brandon’s egotistical uncle Russell tried to steal the spotlight, but his good natured nephew outshone him. Jeff hinted about another season with Russell and Brandon against each other, but I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen. Seeing Brandon again would be fun but I’m so over Russell, aren’t you?

So what did you think? Good season? Worthy winner? Who would you like to see back on the next Survivor?

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