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Survivor South Pacific Tribes Merge and Vote Out: Keith

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Savaii is a bit stunned that they saw Survivor history. Ozzy went to Redemption Island voluntarily. Can he beat Christine and get her off finally? Keith kinda bashes Cochoran when he says he would never let anybody else fight his battles for him. Ouch.

Ozzy goes to find Christine and tells her a tale. She guesses it is Cochoran right away and he continues on the tale, saying they all voted for Cochoran and then he pulled out the immunity idol. She seemed to buy the story.

The entire tribe gets to watch the challenge. And when Jeff asks Ozzy about it, he goes off. Puts on a good show for the other tribe and Christine. The winner gets back in to the game while the loser goes home. Christine has a long enough pole, but it isn’t strong enough to reach the keys. Ozzy has one that is long enough and gets the key off the rack, but the key drops. He almost has it…almost. He has to get two more keys before Christine does. And he does easily. Ozzy gets back in to the game, but his tribe doesn’t actually look happy.

Time to drop the buffs, because everyone is merging. Now what is going to happen in the shakeup? Both tribes get together and have a little party on the beach. Soon, Cochoran and Coach head off and have a little chat. It seems that he is willing to dump his old tribe and join an alliance with Coach and the former Upolu tribe. The new tribe is Te Tuna.

Dawn breaks down and feels like she should have stood up for Cochoran sooner. Why now? Dawn and Cochoran chat and they decide what they are going to do in the game.

Time for the immunity challenge. And there is a female and a male necklace, meaning the genders don’t have to compete against each other…just the same sex people. They have to hold a coconut while they balance on a ledge over water. Edna and Cochoran are both out quick. Who will hold out? Time for round two with longer ropes to hold the coconuts. Whitney and Sophie are out, meaning Dawn has immunity for the women. The men keep hanging on. Except for Coach. And Rick. Jim and Keith drop just seconds before the round starts.

Ozzy, Brandon and Albert are the last three men vying for immunity. Brandon is out, so it is between Ozzy and Albert. Ozzy wins immunity! Who will be the first one voted out by the group?

The old Savaii tribe gets together and discusses if they are solid or not. Is Cochoran lying when he says they are cool? Must be, because then Coach says he is helping to make the nerds rise above the bullies.

But Dawn talks to Cochoran and asks him if he really wants to jump for people who are only giving promises. They don’t have two people with immunity, so she thinks that is why they are even talking to him. Dawn tries to convince him to stay loyal to the tribe, but he is on his own for the vote. What will he do?

Coach looks cocky in the Tribal Council, especially when he says it will be 6 to 6 in a vote, most likely. Why is he smirking? Jeff says the only way to break up a tie is for someone to defect. Is Cochoran listening to Jim say no one on his tribe would defect, because it wouldn’t make sense, while Coach laughs in the background. Will Cochoran defect and backstab his former tribe?

Ozzy stands up and plays the immunity idol for Whitney. But then Keith gets four votes and Whitney has none. Keith ends up with all six votes. Then Rick gets six votes. The immunity idol is wasted. Revote.

Only Rick or Keith can be voted for…will someone defect now? It appears so. Keith is voted off. Jim calls Cochoran a coward right away, before they even leave their seats. Then again. And Brandon sticks up for him and tells Jim that is why you shouldn’t have acted like that in the beginning.

It should be an interesting night back at the beach!

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