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Survivor South Pacific: Seventh Survivor Voted Off is Ozzy

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The Redemption Island challenge is right away. Christine versus Mikayla. Christine has won four in a row, is she good for another? They have to put together a plank puzzle in order to get all the way across. Christine has an early lead but Mikayla doesn’t let her get too far ahead. Mikayla is even getting help from her former tribe mates. Mikayla thought she had it, but two pieces were turned around. Christine ended up getting the fifth one in a row.

Back at Savaii, Ozzy starts to scheme on how to get Christine kicked off Redemption Island because she is strong. Will he swing a vote to put someone out there to beat her? Interesting.

Coach does more of his thing in the water, trying to see how he can beat them all. And Brandon is on him about finding the immunity idol, while he pretends to not know where it is. Once Brandon finds that out, he’s gonna blow!

Tree mail hints at a challenge with twins. Pairs of players….who can get along to work together. But then Coach goes back to camp and says he just found it. Brandon is happy and thinks it is a tribe thing? He’s a loose cannon. For real.

Each tribe painted themselves with tribe colors and gear. The challenge should be interesting. Can they even tell who got voted off? Reward for the winning tribe is a movie and food. This challenge involves blindfolds…never a good thing. One set of twins has to call out directions to the blindfolded ones. Edna takes the first crack to the head when she doesn’t listen.

Upolu has a slight lead, but then Keith and Dawn catch up right away. Neck and neck through the course with only a few more spills. The tribes are literally two feet apart as they grab bags. Savaii got left in the dust when they got caught up in the rope at the start of the fourth round. Cochoran couldn’t figure it out so Jim even had to come back down and figure it out. Upolu got stuck untying a bag and Ozzy caught up to them. Until they got tangled again. Cochoran tied them in wrong.

Masks have to be matched up in pairs while they are blindfolded. Upolu got it right. Ozzy was mad! Upolu prayed again. Is anyone wondering at how much they pray? Ozzy kicked the wall while Upolu prayed. But is it a front, because of his earlier plan with Cochoran to send someone strong to get rid of Christine?

The movie was in the studio built just for them. They had comfy chairs, lots of snacks to choose from and it looks like they were having fun.

Savaii gets back to camp and Ozzy is still mad. Cochoran is feeling the brunt of it. He also knows he is the target. But if he goes to Redemption Island, he can redeem himself by beating Christine. If he can. They are hoping a merge is soon too.

Ozzy was up plotting most of the night. Or was he? Ozzy says he wants to be the one to go to Redemption Island. He has better odds than Cochoran…or so he thinks. The rest of the tribe might not agree. Keith doesn’t like to bet that the merge is coming soon and doesn’t want to keep Cochoran in for team challenges.

Tribal Council proves interesting as Jeff asks if there was finger pointing after the challenge. Ozzy has a whole story concocted to take out Christine when she asks what happened when he gets there. They debate a whole bunch over the merits of sending Ozzy to Redemption against her, but it looks like it might happen. And if there isn’t a merge, hmmmm.

The seventh person voted off of Survivor is Ozzy. It will be an interesting Redemption challenge tomorrow.

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