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Survivor: South Pacific Final Seven

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Well, it’s down to all one tribe now. What are the seven members going to do, now that they will have to start voting off one of their own? Coach is directing the whole show, so you know he is going to get cocky. What are the chances that Cochoran can survive past tonight without having to make a deal with a devil?

Sophie is rediscovering her dislike for Cochoran. She doesn’t like the move he made really, even though it helped out her tribe.
Cochoran knows he needs to make a move to survive. So what does he do? He calls everyone together to plead his case. Really? He is asking for them to not automatically make him the first one off. Like it will matter?
Sophie does not feel indebted to him, but Cochoran and Albert sort of do. Interesting.
Ozzy, Dawn and Whitney need to compete for their life too. Only one gets to stay past. The three have to stack dishes as high as they can before they fall over while balancing them with one arm. Jeff gives out the order of the dishes and it is pretty even. The stack is getting higher. Coach looks worried…will Ozzy stay in this game a bit longer?
Dawn is out. More dishes are stacked as Ozzy and Whitney remain strong. But then Whitney gets a wobble going and drops her dishes. Ozzy does remain in it! And he is excited about who he will face next. He’s going to start sending people home!
Albert says his tribemates think it is outclean, outorganize and outhunt. Ha! He is willing to let them do it so he can strategize.
But Edna is ticked that he watched her for two hours, then got up when she went away and spilled the water and put the fire out. Now she is pleading her case with others to vote him out. Rick says he is a prince – Albert looks good but doesn’t do anything.
Edna confronts Coach on why she is next after Cochoran to go. She asks him the plan, but he hesitates. He thinks it would be best to keep Edna and Cochoran, because they would take him to the end. But the other five would then be after him.
It’s challenge time and we revisit the challenges of Survivor past. The gang has to play some games in a course they did before to win individual immunity. Albert makes it to the next round, and there is room for two more. Rick joins him and the last spot goes to Sophie. First person has to hit their targets with a coconut wins reward. Albert and Rick are neck and neck and Albert ends up winning! How is that going to shake things up? You know he will get to take someone with him. Who goes?
Coach. Then Albert asks if he can give away his reward. He decides to give it to Cochoran, since it is his birthday.


Even Jeff is stunned. How will this swing the vote?

Probably a lot, because Cochoran admits only to the cameras that it was a white lie. His birthday was six months ago. Can’t wait til this comes out at the reunion show!

After the reward, Cochoran takes aside Albert. They talk about what Coach thinks and if he is ready to make a move yet. But Albert is ready to get rid of Rick now, because the Prince Albert term gets back to him.

It might be a Rick blindside tonight.

Does anybody else think Cochoran looks like a weasel?

Cochoran tells Coach the plan and it looks like Coach will be the swing vote.

Tribal is tense, since there are no other opposing tribe members to pick off.

Cochoran makes an ass of himself and says he is entitled to one more reward since he saved the tribe sitting there. Edna feels deceived because she was going to be sixth voted off. Brandon opens up his mouth and says she is right and who he is voting for. He breaks down and says he doesn’t want to do the wrong thing. Oh brother.

Sophie says she isn’t concerned about someone swaying from the intended vote tonight. Cochoran interrupts her and says what if Edna gets immunity next? Ouch.

Next one voted off is Cochran! Yowza!

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