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Survivor South Pacific 23 2011: Elyse is Sent to Redemption Island

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Last week was another blindside – will this week show the third one in a row?

Stacey joins Christine on Redemption Island. The two chat it up and discuss how the rest of the tribe are snakes and Coach is the biggest one running the program. Stacey really, really does not like him!

Brandon wakes up the rest of the tribe so they can read the tree mail. Is it an early morning challenge? Before we find out, Brandon gives us a sob story about his name, lies and blah blah blah. Really?

It is a Redemption Island challenge of Stacey and Christine. And the two of them went off! The two Upolu tribe members who had to listen to it kept rolling their eyes. Where did all of the drama come from? They don’t seem to want either woman to win!

Christine and Stacey battle it out and it ends up Christine wins the challenge. Michaela just shakes her head as she leaves. This ought to be interesting. Once they get back to camp, all hell breaks loose! Coach was mad about Stacey’s rampage. He thinks she made him a target for when the tribes merge. He is assuming he makes it that far though!

Back to Savaii…

Oh, there’s another tribe? Savaii has been winning challenges, so they haven’t had to discuss voting or strategy. Cochoran is mad that Elyse and Ozzy are lazing around, because they think they are safe.

The two who watched the challenge came back and reported to their tribe that Coach was a big target. Ozzy didn’t seem to take the news well. And Jim was scrutinizing his every move. Will Ozzy become a target and he be blindsided if they have to vote?

Albert goes off and looks for a clue to the idol and finds it. But he can’t find the idol after searching for it. He decides to share the clue. Duh! You never share clues! Why do people feel the need to share clues? Coach decides to run with the clue knowledge and look for it himself. Do you think he will share it if he finds it? NO! And he does find it. So, Coach and Ozzy, both returning players, have an idol each. And surprise, surprise, he DOES show it to part of the alliance.

Time for a challenge. The reward is some food and a clue. Why bother with clues, no idols are out there yet. This challenge is disgusting. The players all have their hands tied and have to pick meat from a spit. They have to remove the most meat and put it in a basket. And it is covered in BBQ sauce, of course.

It’s gross just watching them tear off in to the food and carry it. Hope they don’t have to eat each other’s germs in the process. The meat goes back and forth, back and forth. Thirty seconds left and then they will weigh the baskets to see who has the most meat in their basket. Ick. They even pull it off of each other’s mouths and teeth.

Savaii ends up with twenty two pounds and twelve ounces. Upolu gets twenty two pounds and fourteen ounces! They win by two ounces. Savaii will get to strategize now while Upolu gets to take home the meat. Not sure if that is a good reward, but hey, they wanted the meat.

Cochoran puts on a display…cutting coconuts, getting wood, but it doesn’t matter to Ozzy. He wants to get rid of Cochoran. And there are whispers of sending Elyse home to break up the Ozzy alliance. Jim decides to work the angle with Keith and see if they can blindside Elyse. A secret alliance forms and so far Elise might be going home…unless Keith flips and goes to Ozzy. This should be a really fun Tribal Council, because Keith wants Ozzy to trust him and doesn’t want to blow his chances. Where will he and Whitney vote?

They are friendly to each other so far. No one expects a blindside and it seems a few of them assume Cochoran is the one leaving. Like Elyse. Will the alliance turn? Time to vote!

Elyse gets three votes and eyebrows are raised.

Who is going home?

Blindside with Elyse! Ozzy looks maaaaaaaaaad. Cochoran is saved again. What will happen once they get home??

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