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‘Survivor’ Season 26 Recap: Cage Rage

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Last night on ‘Survivor: Carmoan,’ Shamar got upset with everyone, and there was a spot of cage rage. 

Was it just me or was there a lot of focus on Shamar yelling at people for no apparent reason? I mean, he always yells at Reynold. That’s just his default position. But what did Matt do to rile him up? Or Julia? Julia has only really annoyed me because I hardly noticed her before and now she might be the sneaky one to watch who ends up doing really well just because no one thinks to vote her out. 

Reynold was also upset but I forgive him because he really made me laugh by calling the outwitting of the beautiful people the ‘revenge of the nerds.’ That’s not a bad show concept for a future season, surely program makers? 

A great thing about nerds is that they can be replied upon never to quit, which is more than can be said for whining Shamar. 

“I can’t do this,” he tells Sherri. “This ain’t my kind of lifestyle,” he told Sherri. 

Uhh…that’s kinda the point of the show, you wimpy westerner! But he’s an Iraq war veteran? Seriously? 

Sherri had his number though; she can easily cope with Shamar’s moaning because as she says, “All I do is deal with snotty, teenage brats all day.” Love her! Love, love, love her! 

Shamar explained his reasons for quitting:

“I’m not going to be the angry black man on Survivor. It’s not gonna happen.” 

Sigh. Such a shame he pulled the race card here, I felt. And the hero card: 

“He made himself a hero for unquitting the game of Survivor that 50,000 people would line up for days just to play. I don’t know. That’s no heroic movie in my book,” said Reynold. Damn straight! You’re no better than anyone else, Shamar. Get over yourself, honey and put up with lazy on a beach for a few days and playing a few silly games for a million dollars. Simples! 

After that, watching Phillip miming a basketball one-on-one on the beach was strangely compelling. 

But wait. Hang on. Malcolm and Corinne have remembered what Survivor is about: they went hunting for hidden immunity idols. It’s hardly surprising that Malcom finds one, again. Corinne was excited enough to straddle Malcolm, which was also worth watching but I may need to find the mind bleach. If I do, I’ll share it with Cochrane, who was busy ogling bikini bodies most of the episode. 

Malcolm and Corinne finding the immunity idol was interesting because Andrea began plotting to get Corinne out. She pulled Brandoninto an alliance, but warned her if she screws him over, as Coach once did. 

“I’ll pee in the rice…I’ll pee in the beans…. I’ll burn the shelter to the ground.” 

Brandonwas crowing in this episode, leading the Favorites tribe into the challenge, holding up the immunity idol with a Bikal buff on it for all to see while yelping with pride. His very own Hakka. So it was really, really funny that the others weren’t there to see it. The tribe that lost the previous immunity challenge always comes last so the others can see who was kicked off. Disapointing! 

This trial was (again disappointingly) a combined immunity and reward challenge. Come on, producers! There may still be a lot of people around but they’re not interesting enough to justify depriving us of a second trial in yet another episode! 

It was a pretty good challenge. The contestants had to swim out to a large bamboo cage, climb over it and get in it. Then they had to open an underwater gate to the cage and drag a submerged chest through that gate and back to land, get on a track with the chest and use a grappling ring to retrieve three missing sections of track, traverse across them and push the chest over the finish line. Exhausting! 

The lead changed hands many times. First, the Favorites are the first ones to the cage courtesy of Laura’s “backstroke in the wrong direction.” But the Fans were first through the gate with their chest. I’ve no idea how but the Favorites then made it to the track first, and after several changes in the lead the Favorites win their second straight victory, thanks to Brandon. 

Back on the Gota beach, Shamar told Reynold, “Don’t talk to me. You disgustme.” Sigh. Ok, I admit it. I don’t like Shamar. I don’t hate Shamar. I don’t even love to hate Shamar. I just find him tiresome and tiring. 

This is how the voting tactics go: they decide to have the three women (Sherri, Laura and Julia) vote for Hope and the three men (Matt, Michael and Shamar) vote for Eddie, with the hope (sorry!) of getting rid of  Hope. 

That was obviously way too easy for Shamar, who for some reason known only to himself (maybe) decided to tell Hope what was going down. Hope then told Julia, who then told Sherri. And so it spread, causing much renegotiation of alliances. Laura discussed a possible new five-person alliance with Reynold to get rid of Shamar.

Tribal Council promised to be quite interesting. We got a three-way split between Hope, Eddie, and Shamar all on three votes. As predicted, the revote went against Hope. I’d like to say she’ll be missed, but she won’t. She hardly said a word. Early frontrunner (for me) seems to be Sherri. Agree?

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