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‘Survivor’ Recap: Who Made the Final Four?

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This is a tough time to get booted out of ‘Survivor’, right before the final. But someone had to go. This week it was Abi, but not before a lot of scheming and planning.

On Night 33, returning from Tribal Council, Abi had been very grateful for not getting voted out. She then proceeded to lie quite unconvincingly about having a hidden Immunity Idol. She would soon wish this was true. While out in the woods she apparently worked out a strategy of getting Lisa to vote off Denise.

In the Reward Challenge, they had to race up and over a slide and then retrieve two bundles of rings and toss the rings onto pegs. First one to get all five rings on would win a helicopter ride with two others for a pizza and soda feast on a boat. Whoever you leave behind is bound to be annoyed, so winning is a double edged sword. Michael Skupin won and left behind Abi and Denise. It’s hard to say which of these two was more annoyed: Abi at losing out or Denise at having to spend the day with Abi.

I don’t know what was in that soda but it sent Michael Skupin nuts, even before he was head-butted by a whale shark. Malcolm used this as an opportunity to secure a deal for the final three.

Vampire attack! Denise awoke with her neck stinging and two bite marks on it.

Maybe it gave her superpowers because she made a good start in the Immunity Challenge. In this one, the players had to move on planks across a rope bridge while collecting maze pieces along the way. Once they made it across, they had to assemble the maze and use a ball to complete it. Despite falling of the bridge, thus putting him far behind, Malcolm won the challenge, despite not needing to as he has a hidden idol already.

Back at camp, there was a lot of talk about alliances, which did nothing but prove how no one trusted anyone.

Malcolm had both an immunity necklace and an immunity idol, both of which are null and void after the next Trial Council, so Denise asked Malcolm for his idol, but he wasn’t willing to give it up. Denise was surprisingly cool about this, considering they found the idol together. She was pretty confident Abi was on her way out.

She had a point though. Even Jeff Probst told Abi,

“With respect, which probably means without any, you’ve been detested, laughed at, and then be told you’re not likable, not a good person. It has nothing to do with your culture, you’re just not nice. No one here wants you around” although he conceded,

“You could make an argument that Abi has outwitted, outplayed and outlasted 13 people in this game.”

Denise wasn’t having that, though. It was just that Abi was lucky because Tandang never went to Tribal Council so there were less opportunities for her to be voted out.

Lisa played a smart move, massaging the Tandang egos on the jury, saying Tandang deserve credit for putting themselves in a position to not have to go to Tribal Council.

Abi should have taken a leaf out of  Lisa’s book, instead of slagging off the others as they voted. Jonathon Penner was so annoyed he flicked her the finger.

So Lisa was out and we are set up for Sunday’s finale between four people who were all initially on the outer edges of the game and have had to fight for their place. Which of them is your winner?

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