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‘Survivor’ Recap: Let’s Make a Deal

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Stalemate on a ‘Survivor’ challenge last night led to a unique trade between the two tribes. Of course, not everyone liked the idea. But who did get the best deal?

Tandang took more rice, doubling their supply and allowing them to eke out their rations. Kalabaw may have made themselves feel good for a while with a big one-off feast but would it help them in the end? If they are wrong in thinking there will soon be a merge then they could be in trouble.

Here’s how it all went down in last night’s ‘Survivor.’

After returning from Tribal Council, Katie says she feels like she’s at the bottom of the totem pole now that her two female alliance partners are gone and she kept banging on about it the next day too, saying Jonathon has the hidden immunity idol and needs to go. Nothing else must have happened that day because we certainly weren’t told anything about it. Weird!

Over on Tandang the following day, everyone was upset about the tribe’s lack of rice, giving us a heads up about the impending deal. Skupin gets the blame, and Pete slated him as “the most useless player that’s ever been returned to ‘Survivor’.” Harsh!

So on to the reward challenge where teams of three have to push a giant sphere through the other tribe’s goal for a point. The first tribe to three points would win time in a “dry hut” where they would feast on sandwiches, soup, potato chips, and brownies.

Tandang had to bench a man and a woman because there’s too many of them. It was the first time a man had to sit out; previously they could choose freely.

It was quite a physical challenge with lots of pushing, shoving and body slamming. Pete and Carter took turns with take-downs. Lisa nobbled Denise. Jonathon performed a crafty ball grab on Skupin and then sat on Jonathon’s face.

It was fun, but went on for an hour with no winner. Then Jonathon and Skupin brokered a deal: Kalabaw’s rice in exchange for Tandang’s forfeit. I thought Pete agreed, but he seemed pretty upset about it back at camp, telling them,

“Here’s the rice that you guys wanted to forfeit for. Enjoy.”

The Kalabaw tribe certainly were happy with their feast, but have the short rations gotten to their brains? Why, with such abundance around them, would they spit one brownie into five pieces to share it? At least they made the most of their letters from loved ones back home. Denise said that the letters alone made the trade worthwhile. Awww! Cute – but perhaps premature. They won’t be eating those letters in two days’ time, will they?

Artis, however, was impressed with Jonathon’s trade, even if he was on the wrong end of it. Pete and Abi accused Skupin of making possibly “one of the dumbest moves in ‘Survivor’.”

Now doesn’t that show a whole lack of faith?…After all, many ‘Survivor’ contestants have been way more dumb than that!

That wins her no friends among her tribesmates – or among ‘Survivor’ fans, probably. Jonathon was determined to show his tribesmates they didn’t need rice and he was about to become an ace fisherman and perfect provider. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way. Poor Carter was going to starve! How would he ever be able to complete and immunity challenge now!

The answer is – badly. One member for each tribe had to throw a ball that three other members from each tribe had to catch for a point. The first team to five points won. Jonathn sat out with Abi, who host Jeff is determined to humiliate further for only having done two challenges. Surely that’s not her fault but the rules? Malcolm won for Tandang while Jeff Probst completely shot down “Katie, completely ineffective in this challenge.”

So after another Kalabaw loss, would Jonathon or Katie be eliminated? Since Jonathon was given the tie-break vote he (shock, horror) decided to send Katie home. Just as well, really, as he has the immunity idol too. They may need that one day soon. So at Tribal Council, Katie is voted out. Jonathon didn’t use his idol but Tandang also has two idols, so even there, the red tribe is coming up short. But of course, Tandang are fighting among themselves. It’s all shaping up nicely.

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    I enjoy watching Survivor every time it’s on. I’ve watched for a few seasons now and I never get tired of this awesome show. Survivors a favorite primetime show of mine, and I never thought I would care to watch this show.


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