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Survivor Recap: Kristina Heads Home and Krista Heads for Redemption Island

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Last night on “Survivor: Redemption Island” made it plain how Krista and Stephanie were viewed as Zapatera outsiders without Russell there to head up their little posse, but perhaps the best moment was when Matt, in the middle of a duel, asked Boston Rob why he was voted off – but still managed to beat Krista in the duel and see her off to Redemption Island! But Boston Rob still dominates the Ometepe tribe with his schemes, the newest one involving a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol.

This was Matt’s third duel and for the first he looked exhausted. This challenge was one we’ve seen many times before and Krista struggled to push the heavy puzzle pieces around. Matt either thought he had some time to spare or was too tired to get going, because he directly asked Bston Rob to explain why he was voted off. He didn’t get an answer, with Boston Rob just pointing out it takes more than one person to vote somebody out of the game. But he was right about having time and he emerged victorious from the duel and survived to fight again on Redemption Island.

Then it was time to swear allegiance, but maybe not as we expected. Matt declared that he wanted to get back in the game still loyal to Ometepe. Stephanie said she would be more than willing to be loyal to Ometepe after a merge as both she and Krista admitted they were ready to abandon the Zapatera tribe. Honest!

Kristina headed home and Philip proposed a triple alliance between himself, Andrea and Matt if he was to return from Redemption Island, waiting for his chance to Boston Rob as king.

At the combined Reward/Immunity challenge, two callers, Boston Rob for Ometepe and Stephanie for Zapatera had to shout out commands to their blindfolded tribemates who were navigating a maze collecting puzzle pieces.  The caller was then responsible for completing the puzzle once all of the pieces were gathered.  As the challenge was underway, Ralph kept yelling at Stephanie asking for directions, but she consistently shushed him because he was asking too many questions. It was a close call but Boston Rob triumphed, solving the puzzle to “The sweet taste of victory.”  Ometepe also got the Reward: coffee and pastries.

The Ometepe tribe seemed happy with their reward but when Phillip offered to trade a half a donut for a massage there were not takers.

Grant was first to spot a clue for the hidden Immunity Idol inside the coffee jar.  He escaped to the woods with Boston Rob who also spotted it and Boston Rob told Grant he would hide the clue for them so nobody else would find it.  Oh Grant Couldn’t you spot that old trick! Boston Rob buried the first Idol clue he found several days before and kept the new, more informative clue, to himself.  But of curse it doesn’t really matter anyway because Boston Rob already has the Idol.

Zapatera returned to camp, to hear how angry certain people were at choosing Stephanie for the puzzle. David proclaimed himself tribe puzzle solver from now on because he is the best suited person for the job. Oh that will make you popular then!

We have to agree with Julie and Sarita’s voting discussion, that Stephanie and Krista were dead ducks in the water. They know it too! They even held hands at the Tribal Council! It didn’t work, though. Krista headed for Redemption Island.



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