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Survivor One World Recap: Tarzan Washes Leif

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You read that right. For me, one of the most memorable/disturbing scenes of last night’s ‘Survivor’ (heck, of any ‘Survivor’!) was Tarzan washing Leif’s face for him. Well, at least Leif got to leave the island clean.

Yes, Leif was the latest person to have his buff snuffed.

But here’s what led up to that:

After Jay was voted off last episode, the remaining players walked back to camp and Troy foresaw his own destiny.

“Jay got voted out so I’m basically the next in line,” he said.

So how did he go about saving himself? He didn’t do what you might expect and try to forge an alliance with some of the less powerful males. No, he went after Christina in front of everyone else. Did he think the women would just let him try to align with one of them, even though she is probably the most weakly aligned female? Anyway, they didn’t.

Troy was out on his own and he knew it. Faced with this situation, people go one of two ways: either madly trying to form alliances or ranting angrily in a ‘f— the lot of ya’ kind of way. Well, Troyzan sort of did both.

Apparently the women there are like women everywhere:

“They get their food, they get their house, and as soon as they don’t need you anymore, they’re done.”

So having dissed over half the world’s population in one sentence he was making no friends. Except, rants aside, I still kind of like him a lot more thansome of the remaining contestants. He’s certainly not as dumb as many of them, as was proved in last night’s auction.

Survivors spent hundreds of dollars on things that really aren’t worth it, even if you’ve been on an island for a little while.

Chelsea spent $160 on three doughnuts and coffee. Sabrina paid $400 for guacamole, chips, and a margarita. Leif spent $100 for a protein shake. Cat got a BLT for $180 but she obviously had no idea what it is as she exclaimed in shock, “whoa, there’s bacon in here!” Has Alicia got a heart, after all? Probably not, but her spending all her $500 on a letter from her father was cute enough to make me cry. Tarzan did the same and I have to admit I respect him for keeping the letter private. Kim surely showed she is ultimate survivor material by buying a shower for $40. Troy also bought an advantage in the immunity challenge. Cat got a cake to share and Christina got nothing.

After the auction Troyzan again convinced everyone he had found on Immunity Idol. His confidence skyrocketed and then he was sure he was going to win the immunity challenge.

The contestants had to untie a rope and use a slingshot to fire coconuts at targets. Troy got to skip phase one, when Kim, Tarzan, and Christina advanced to compete against him. Troyzan and Tarzan were then head to head but Tarzan ultimately triumphed and crowed, “This is my island! You can’t beat me!”  and “I’m gonna continue like that! I’m competitive! I’ve been going 50 percent. Now I’m like, Let’s go!” Even Tarzan tried to convince him to be more noble in victory but it didn’t work.

Ignoring Tarzan completely (usually a good move, IMO), Troyzan tried to recruit players to vote out Kim.

Alicia sho0wed she has no clue whatsoever how this game is going, and even how she has played it thus far. “I don’t want to make a rash decision right now,” she said, when that has clearly been her strategy to date.

Meanwhile, Tarzan discussed the game with Leif while washing him. I told you. He really did this. Tarzan held onto Leif’s head with one hand and wiped his face with the other. It was like some kind of bizarre grooming ritual chimpanzees use to sort out status.

At tribal council, although he tried hard, it was obvious Troyzan was not going to get it all his own way. Eventually, after lots of statements which showed Cat and Kim’s power and everyone else’s total cluelessness, Leif was voted out. Not a smart move, but then there haven’t really been many smart moves this ‘Survivor’ season.

The preview we got made it look like Troy manages to pull some kind of alliance out of thin air. But will it be too late to stop Kim?

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