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Survivor: One World Recap: Is Colton Cumbie The Nastiest Survivor EVER?!!

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If I have ever said anything nice about Survivor One World contestant Colton Cumbie, I take it all back.

Colton Cumbie may be the nastiest villain ever to play the game of Survivor. OK, I take that back: he IS the nastiest…

Last night he surpassed anything Russell Hantz ever managed in terms of plumbing the depths of wrongness. Colton made tricking players into giving him immunity idols look like grade school spite. Colton bullied an entire tribe into giving up immunity and voluntarily going to tribal council just to vote out somebody he didn’t like. Oh and he was elitest, classist and downright horrible. He through in a little racism just to round things off.

Never before in 24 seasons of Survivor has an entire tribe given up their immunity. How on earth did he do that!

But that’s not to say that Colton is the smartest villain. The men’s Manono tribe has now lost their numbers advantage over the women’s Salani tribe and given up a strong player who could have helped them win future challenges.

Even Jeff Probst hinted that this might be “the single dumbest move ever in this game.”

The tribal council started with Manono spinning the fiction that little person Leif was their target and that his “betrayal” of telling Bill that he was first in line to be voted off was apparently soooo bad that the tribe just had to hand immunity to the women so they could vote him out.

Say what?!!!

When Jeff asked Colton why he disliked Bill so much, Colton said Bill was obnoxious and loud, and “he’s a struggling standup comedian. Like, get a real job.”

Bill, who’s black, said he didn’t think Colton’s dislike was a racial thing: “I’m just talking about the difference in our upbringings. I’ve been on my own since I was 17 years old. Me being poor, that’s my life,” Bill said.

As a comedian, “you don’t make much money; you sleep on people’s couches and you go from gig to gig.”

Colton, on the other hand, is from an Alabama town of 3,000 people and went to an all-white private school, “but I do have African-American people in my life,” he said.

Jeff of course asked who.

“My housekeeper,” laughed Colton. “She’s like a member of our family.”

“A paid member,” retorted Jeff. He was obviously as unimpressed as me.

“The problem I have with Bill is that he’s ‘poor, pitiful me, I’m poor,’” said Colton. “Like, I don’t associate with people like that in the real world and I sure as hell am not going to associate with people like that out here.”

Relax, Colton; last time I looked, poverty was not a communicable disease!

You might have thought a gay man, susceptible to other people’s prejudices, might have some sympathy for underdogs, which is what Jeff implied. But Colton said the people he associates with back home are open-minded and only the trailer trash have a problem, “the ones riding round in their jacked-up trucks with their rebel flags hanging in the back.”

Oh good heavens…Jeff was giving you a lifeline here. Take it….

But no, Colton had to keep on about how stand-up comedian was not a legitimate job.

Then Tarzan got into the act, at first defending Colton from being painted as “a rich kid who never had to lift a finger,” then launching into a bizarre rant about race.

“I think it’s time to quit talking about (bleep) damn races. I’m fed up with people talking about races. I’m tired of it. “I want people to base what they think about somebody on how they behave and what their merits are … This country is going in that direction. We have a black president,” Tarzan told Jeff.

Ever the master of the understatement, Jeff said, “This tribal council will go down as one of the craziest in the history of this game.”

When the votes were read, unfortunately spoiled little rich kid Colton got his way and Bill was voted off.

Am I the only one disgusted by Colton’s prejudices? His tribe now seems to be wrapped around his little finger.

I was grateful for the promo for next week’s show, in which Jeff hints that there’s a twist coming that knocks Colton off his throne. Can we also knock that smug smile off his face, please?

4 Responses to “Survivor: One World Recap: Is Colton Cumbie The Nastiest Survivor EVER?!!”

  1. Michael D says:

    What’s worse than Colton’s astounding ignorance and immaturity is the blind loyalty his tribe members afford him. Isn’t there one person offended enough to try to create a new alliance without Colton? How about the stupidity of voting off your physically strongest member, Monica, when your tribe is obviously at a physical disadvantage to begin with? What I was really hoping for, after Colton’s diatribe against Bill, was for someone to stand up at tribal council and say, “I was wrong, and I’m changing my mind. We should not vote out Bill. We should vote out the one person who has exposed themselves as one of the worst players ever to play this game by convincing us to give up our tribal council immunity so that he can vote out someone he doesn’t like, and that is Colton. I encourage everyone else to do the same.”

    I can’t wait for Colton’s torch to be distinguished. His 15 minutes are already up, and i for one will be happy to see him go.


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  2. Eric Saxon says:

    I love Colton. I know you’ve got hate for him as a person and yes he disgusts me, too. But he also excites me, to turn on the TV on Wed. night to see if someone tries to knock his ass out.

    Which means that even though he’s a horrible person, he’s a great player and good for the show. I really wish it wasn’t true but I’m guilty and watching Colton is my guilty pleasure.


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  3. Paul says:

    For me to say what I am about to say is so not like me – but his comments and behavior leave me livid. If there is any person that is trash on this years show it is him.

    I can only hope and wish that someone hurts him badly or he gets hurt badly on the show in a challenge – or when he gets home someone puts a fist square in his nose or puts a foot up his ass. His parents and family should be very proud of him.


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  4. debbie s says:

    colton is pathetic. his attitude shows just how stupid he is. really in the south the only black person he knows is a maid, stupid and ignorant. how they dont vote colton to flush out the idol is beyond me. if i have to look at his man boobs one more week. i think i will puke. he is the grossest looking, fattest survivor yet. if he lasts it will only be becuase he has so much fat to carry him for 39 days


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