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Survivor One World Recap: Colton Cumbie Is Out!

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Would puppet master Colton Cumbie’s reign of terror continue into last night’s Survivor: One World? Would something change my mind that this season’s survivors are the worst ones ever? Would extreme pain end one castaway’s time on the island? Could we be lucky enough that it was Colton Cumbie dragged away in excruciating agony?

Let’s see. Even the switching of teams last week didn’t loosen Colton’s grip on his team. On last week’s episode Colton managed to convince his tribe to blindside Monica and she was sent home. What would happen this week?

Christina was surprised that Monica was voted out and the sneaky Colton told her that is what is called a blindsided and immediately went to work on her, calling her this season’s cockroach. The fact that she is still there is a miracle, he said. Nice man, isn’t he? Thankfully, this got Christina so pissed she ended up determined to get everyone to see what a jerk Colton is. Good luck with that.

Over at Salani Tribe they had a cold night.  The tribe members received tree mail and they are going to have a reward challenge for something sweet.   Salani was excited to see who Manono voted out at tribal council but were shocked it was Monica.

The reward challenge involved climbing on crates and throwing coconuts at targets. The first team to knock four targets out won the challenge. The reward was a chance to visit a Survivor Ice Cream parlour for the afternoon and eat ice cream until they felt sick. Selani won.

Losing the challenge gave Colton another opportunity to get at Christina, quite overlooking the fact that he wasn’t so hot in the challenge either. He taunted her, saying she would be out at the next Tribal Council. This upset Jonas and Alicia but Christina was philosophical about it, although she said strategically it would be better to keep her because she has no alliances. Quite! But an eavesdropping Alicia warned her she had just dug her own grave and she sucks at playing the game.

All the bickering gave Colton a headache so Christina gave him a head massage. Colton said she was only trying to save herself.

Jonas and Tarzan tried to look after their tribe, getting them bread fruit and warning Colton he was dehydrated and needed to drink more. But Tarzan actually suspected it was more serious and that Colton had appendicitis.

OMG – was Colton really going to be out of the game?

Yes, Yes, Yes! I mean, I am not just rejoicing at the prospect. Colton is actually out of the game.

Deciding to go for a walk, he hit the ground and the medics had to be called in. The medics determined that they had to take him to hospital, which meant he could not return to camp. Host Jeff said he could give his Immunity Idol to anyone. But true to form, Colton decided to keep the idol as a souvenir. That really upset Alicia.

Jonas plotted to step into Colton’s shoes and reconsidered voting of Christina, thinking Alicia may be the better one to get out because she has an alliance with the women.

Everyone was nervous to hear that both tribes were going to Tribal Council, but they needn’t have been. Colton had acute appendicitis and was operated on. Not at Triba Council; it’s just where Jeff told everyone about it.

He also told everyone that this was where the game got complicated. Actually it was where things go really, really simple: the tribes were merged.  They are now one tribe, 12 people fighting for $1 million. It is now an individual game. And no one was eliminated!

Wow! What will Survivor: One World be like without the scheming Colton Cumbie? Who do you think has the best chance of the $1 million prize now it’s every man or woman for themselves?

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