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Survivor: One World 2012 Recap: Just Annihilate Them

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The Survivor episode title promises some tough playing and that’s really what happened as one tribesmate was blindsided and voted out at Tribal Council. That was after they voted last week to send home one of the strongest competitors, Jonas. So who was eliminated last night? Read on to find out.

Things got personal last night eith one tribe member being confronted about her physical appearance, and the blindside robbed the Tikiano tribe of all sense of security. And the girls decided to work together to pick off the guys, one by one.

This episode was advertised as the biggest survivor shocker yet. So let’s see if that was true.

The episode started with Troyzan worried they may have made a mistake staying with the Selani team.  Jay was worried too: about the women getting the better of the guys. They were right to be worried.

But we couldn’t watch them brood for long as soon it was time for a reward challenge.

The survivors were divided into 2 tribes by a school yard pick.  They then had to slip down a water-slide and then run in to the water and unclip crates.  Once they have all 7 crates on the platform they had a puzzle to solve.  The first team to do so, won. Tarzan didn’t participate.

The reward was steak, burgers, key lime pie and as much 7up as they could drink. My mouth is watering even thinking about it now.

The teams were pretty close throughout with everyone doing their best to win. But eventually the victors were the yellow tribe: Sabrina, Christina, Leif, Kim, Chelsea and Michael.

They were amazed at the beautiful oasis that looked more like a resort. Kim talked strategy and basically how she wanted to get Michael out.

Back at the camp Cat also suggested getting rid of Michael but Jay was not sure. He suspected the women were about to gang up on the guys.

Everyone got a treat when the yellow team returned to camp with a cooler full of 7up, just ahead of a tropical storm. They had to rebuild their shelter and everyone was mad at Tarzan because Chelsea thought he took part of the wall off to burn. Tarzan goes back at her and denies that that the bamboo he took is part of the shelter.  Tarzan denied that and asked her if she resented him, a plastic surgeon, because she had a bad experience with her own plastic surgeon.

Kim took Troyzan aside and told him that Michael is telling people that Troyzan is going to win the game.  No, he didn’t, but it’s all part of her sneaky plan to eliminate another guy from the game. Troyzan totally fell for the idea of voting Michael out.

The Immunity Challenge involved the castaways racing across a ladder bridge while they maneuvered bags of puzzle pieces. If they fell they had to go back to the beginning.  The first four got to the finals. They then had to make a puzzle from the puzzle pieces and the one who won got immunity, assuring them of a 1/10 shot at the million dollars.

Jay, Troyzan Alicia and Kim got through to the finals and the 60 piece puzzle. It was the women leading and Jay in last spot but as the others all did their puzzle wrong, Jay caught up and won immunity.

After much discussion of alliances, Kim told the women that if they vote Michael out then the game is going to change and there will be major uproar.  Kim told Sabrina and Chelsea they had to make up their minds whether they stay with Selani or whether to form an alliance all women.

At Tribal Council, Jonas was there as the first member of the jury. No one thought they were going to be voted out so the votes came as a total blindside. There were two votes each for Christina and Tarzan. But Michael was voted out, with five votes. Kim’s plan worked and now let’s watch the women vote the men off one at a time!

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