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‘Survivor: Caramoan’ Season Premiere Recap – the Worst Kind of History

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‘Survivor: Caramoan’ started in the most humiliating way possible for ‘fan favorite’ Francesca. She’s played ‘Survivor’ twice and got voted off first twice. What a way to go down in history. Even Philip remembered her name this time around. But he can afford to be smug. He’s never been voted of ‘Survivor’. Ever.

So on to the recap, which started with us meeting the fans, who were super excited to be taking part this season. Shamar quickly establishes himself as the one concerned by food above all else, but the other fans convince him that it’s more important to build a shelter first.

And we were pretty soon into our first challenge. Two members from each tribe were required to race out to get a ring and bring it back. The prize was flint and 20 pounds of beans.

The first two rounds were split and then the battled began. Phillip and Brenda took on Sherri and Michael, and Michael basically got dragged away, giving the Favorites that win. Then Cochran and Francesca went up against Matt and Laura. Cochran was encouraged by the take on Laura and they did, and they won, giving them a 3-1 lead. Malcolm was losing shorts in the next round and Erik screamed at him to “go naked!” He did but his bits got censored. So the favorites won, as you might expect.

The fans quickly started feuding as Shamar and Matt disagreed over whether to build a fire or shelter first. Hopefully Shamar will do something more than eat and laze around, but after he lost the fire/shelter argument he just seemed to lie around while others built the fire he s desperately wanted.

“I’m gonna be the marine who came in at the end and just smashed ‘em,” he said.

I can’t have been the only one who was skeptical (and wanting Shamar to fail on his boast) but he did it. He Shamar and Michael actually made fire without flint.

Reynold and Eddie soon got to talking strategy. Then Reynold ambitiously tried to get a final two alliance with Allie. I loved how he told her she was the perfect mate for an alliance because “She’s not the cutest.” He seemed not to be bothered abut that though as there was some serious making out between these two in the shelter.

Eddie and Hope then hung out together because “Me and Hope are the two best looking people here.”

The next day the loved up foursome” hung out at “the cool kid lunch table back in high school.” Eddie showed perhaps a fatal flaw in his strategy here as he said how the others would have to earn their way into this little foursome of coolness. Errmm…you might want to rethink that as that would leave four of you against six of them – and then I don’t like your chances.

The women left out of the cozy foursome also discuss banding together. Michael had to check with Matt about what his own strategy should be. They are obviously starting off loyal to each other so it will be interesting to see how long this bond lasts.

One of the most interesting conversations was between Phillip and Francesca who we have not seen chat since their Redemption Island feud. Awkward! Philip really had no comfort to give her. Instead Philip set out to make a slew of alliances and made up fancy nicknames for everyone. Corinne became “The Dominatrix,”Andrea is “The Eliminator.”

Philip then had a bizarre conversation with Erik in which he threatened the former ice cream scooper to join him or get voted out, but then told him he was just “a messenger… an errand boy.” Nice attempt at subterfuge but it didn’t fool Erik, who branded him “a combative idiot loser who makes everybody crazy.”

Cochrane got sunburn. Everywhere, pretty much.

The Immunity Challenge involved both teams racing in pairs up a four story tower to toss crates of sand bags over the side. Then, the last remaining pair on each team had to collect the sand bags and has to throw six bags into six spots. The fans won this one. Interestingly, the Favorites never seem to consider for a moment booting Malcom, although he’s the one who lost them the challenge. Andrea plays both sides and far more credence than you can ever imagine is given to the views of Erik and Brandon, both of whom previously gave away their own Immunity Idols.

At Tribal Council, Francesca is eliminated by a vote of 6-4.

So what did you think to the “Survivor: Caramoan” premiere? Andrea’s playing hard, but has she gone in too hard too fast? Will she get burned trying to play both sides from the start? Will the Michael and Matt alliance hold the balance of power this season?

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