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Survivor 24 One World Premiere Tonight: SPOILERS

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Survivor One World premieres tonight so get ready for a battle of the sexes! The first ever combined tribal campsites between the women’s and men’s groups should give us plenty of drama, even though the dueling arena is gone. Reality TV pundits are so far calling this season “a Chernobyl of estrogen” as the women are pretty tough cookies.

We released the names and photos of the whole Survivor 24 One World cast a while ago, just to sharpen up your appetites for the new season.

But now it’s here and you are probably drooling with anticipation, it’s time to tell you a little more of what to expect from tonight’s Survivor premiere as our tribesmates set off in hot pursuit of that $1,000,000 prize.

Expect the women to tell it like it is, this year. Not one of these beauties holds back. In fact, they spend quite a lot of time telling each other how things should be done. The women’s tribe is called Salani.

Chivalry is dead in this year’s Survivor One World. In fact, it’s a big no-no with the Manono tribe (see what I did there?). If any of the men are seen to be too friendly towards the women, he can expect to be ousted pretty quickly.

This could be a danger for Matt, Michael and Jay.

Chelsea and Kourtney will probably be the most entertaining with their outspoken ways. Christina has a slightly longer fuse but when she finally goes off it’s dynamite.

Of course, we’ve got the lazy Survivors, namely Alicia, Greg, Jonas and Monica.

But Monica is a shrewd one and has hidden talents. She will probably be strategic and she won’t make alliances easily. She’s more of a man’s woman, so it’s unfortunate for her that the sexes are split this year for the first time ever. She may not last long as the women are likely to feel threatened by her.

Watch out for some drama between Troy and Greg. They will compete to be top dog in the men’s camp.

Chelsea, Kourtney, Leif, Michael and Bill are there more for the fun. They are the party animals of the bunch so searching for Hidden Idols with them should be a scream.

Of course, this year, as every year, there will be the castaways who just one to be loved. Judging by the reactions so far from you lovely Celebrity News and Style followers, to Colton he will have no trouble on that score. But how much love will come the way of Greg, Jonas, Monica and Nina? They may have to pretend to be in an alliance to get the love they need.

Other people that the castaways should not rust as far as they can throw them are: Sabrina, Kim, Nina, Monica, Jonas, Michael, Greg, Colton, Troy and Matt. They are in it to win it. Randy Jackson doesn’t need that catchphrase in American Idol anymore so I thought it deserved another outing here. It certainly fits: these people are ruthless!

Testing positive for bullcrap at every turn are Colton and Matt, I’m afraid. Yes, I know Colton’s a pretty face but he talks out of both sides of his mouth. Kat, Chelsea, Sabrina, Alicia, Kourtney, Matt, Leif and Greg just talk too much. Way too much. And the gossip! The men will give the women a run for their money on that score.

There are some pretty high maintenance people on this season of Survivor. Namely, Greg, Jonas, Monica, Nina, Sabrina, Alicia and Kim. Let’s hope they win the rewards and get some pampering, then, to keep them sweet.

The guys will be the helpful ones this year, especially Jay, Leif, Matt and Michael.

But what I am really looking forward to is how Greg, Mike, Monica and Alicia have turned sarcasm into an art form. Expect the likeable ones to be Michael and Matt, not Colton, no matter how much of an eye candy he is.

To find out if you agree with my take on the Survivor 24: One World contestants, tune in every Wednesday 8:00 pm ET

I just know it’s going to be a great season.

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