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Survivor 2012 One World Recap: Troyzan Becomes A Man Of War

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Last night ‘Survivor: One World’ Troyzan finally decided to fight back against the women. How did that work out for him?

The episode started with Jay having what turned out to be a prophetic dream of being shot.

“I dreamed I got shot and I was about to get capped again and I woke up.”

Poor guy. But yeah he got capped again at Tribal Council. But rather than blaming the women for voting him off, I have to say Jay shoulders some of the blame himself. He’s been pretty boring throughout the game, hasn’t he? And then he got Jonas voted off and was party to a dodgy plan to oust Mike. Then he was arrogant enough to give up his immunity in favour of chicken wings. Well, he would have plenty of chance to eat those back at the hotel after being kicked out of the show.

Tarzan starts things off by telling Troyzan that the girls are going to knock the guys out one by one. Well, Tarzan seems intent on helping them with that, so maybe…

I loved how it slowly dawned on Troyzan that he had in fact been played.

“Part of me is, like, jeez, are they telling the truth?” he said.

Well, no, they’re not, and now Mike has gone.

So was it Troyzan’s punishment to have to take part in what a few seasoned Survivor critics are calling the most boring the most boring challenge ever? It pretty much consisted of the contestants playing ladder golf.

Kim was starting to feel bad for the men as she was sure they already realized they voted off the wrong person. So the girls worked out an elimination order: Jay, Troyzan, Tarzan, then Leif. Presumably Leif is last as he’s a threat to no one and the girls just remembered at the last minute that he even existed.

Chelsea felt bad though as she had promised Jay she would not betray him. Get with the program, girl; this is Survivor and there’s always back-stabbing. Alicia certainly didn’t like Chelsea developing a conscience. But then there isn’t really a lot that Alicia likes.

Sabrina told Chelsea, “You got to put on your big girl panties and make a big girl decision.”

Jay did his best to get the girls to agree to vote off Alicia. They actually say yes, so I was hopefully of getting rid of her.

“So can we make that set and not derive from it?” Jay said.

But of course they would never do that. And maybe they genuinely didn’t knw he probably mean ‘deviate’ and not derive.’

Troyzan suddenly worked out that with six girls still around he was in jeopardy, along with Jay. So things switched totally from last week. Jay is oblivious while Troyzan feels threatened by the women.

And so we go to the immunity challenge. The contestants had their arms tethered to a huge bucket of colored water, and as soon as the arm drops, the water drops on you and you’re out. It wasn’t the most fascinating of challenges and it drove me crazy that so many people dropped out for a bit of food:

Sabrina for cookies and milk; Kim and Kat for cupcakes and milk; Alicia for candy and chocolate (although she didn’t even know what she dropped out for as she dropped her arm before the cover was lifted from the plate.) Very disappointing, ladies! Jay dropped out for what proved to be the most expensive chicken wings and beer of his life. And he doesn’t even drink beer! Leif was last to drop out, for burgers, chips, and beer. Tarzan, Christina, and Troyzan eventually drop their arms, leaving Chelsea as the winner.

The ladies then felt more threatened by Troyzan than Jay because he didn’t drop out for food. Getting a whiff of their potential plot against him, Troyzan was happy he had an immunity idol and fully intended to use it and vote Kim out. The only problem was he told Jay, who squealed to Kim and then it was just a big mess. Jay was pretty stupid here. His fate was surely sealed as soon as he refused to go after Kim.

At Tribal Council Jay, Kim, and Troyzan all said they felt they were in danger. Strangely, though, Jay left his bag behind so he must have had some confidence. Troyzan used his immunity idol although sadly for him it was wasted as he was not voted out.

So Jay’s buff was snuffed. He was a nice guy; probably too nice for Survivor. He gave it all up for chicken wings.

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