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Survivor 2012 One World Recap: Kim Makes Her First Big Mistake

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For weeks now it has looked like Kim was a surefire certainty to win ‘Survivor: One World.’ She’s pretty much the only one with a decent scheme for winning, isn’t she? That said, she did mess up a bit this week. But she is popular with her tribesmates too, having been named as the player they would most trust with their lives as well as the person they’d most like to be stranded with on an island. The latter part is especially good, surely, since it’s exactly what has happened to them all!

Her popularity is keeping the women behind her so far this season but let’s hope they don’t turn on her like they turned on Coach last season because, sooner or later, Kim will have to vote her ‘friends’ out. Fact. Kim is riding high at the moment, as evidenced by the fact that she won both the reward and the immunity challenge this week.

The season has taken on a certain air of inevitability for me, since no one else comes close to Kim in terms of deserving to win. So if they pull of a surprise, it would just seem wrong to me now. How about you?

Let’s have a closer look at last night’s episode to see why I think this, even though, as I say, Kim made a boo-boo.

The episode strated with the Tikiano tribe returning to camp having just voted off Leif. Troyzan was very despondent about his ‘hopeless’ situation. (He got that right, huh?) Tarzan was also casting around desperately for a strategy and showing yet again a total lack of self-awareness on the mistakes he’s made. Not even ‘going along with girls’ can help you now, surely?

When the tree mail arrives with news of a reward challenge getaway, it’s already obvious Kim would win and take someone other than Kat, since Kat practically demanded to be taken. Whoever invented the saying ‘those who don’t ask, don’t get’ was clearly a deluded chancer. Hey, were they related to Kat?

We’ve seen this reward challenge many times but it’s great and I love it and it’s definitely worth doing it again. The contestants had to answer questions about each other. But not factual questions; no, opinionated, sure to offend questions like ‘who would screw their grandmother for $50?’ type of questions. And to make it even better, having answered the questions, the remaining contestants had to guess who got the most votes as the answer to the question. Feelings were bound to get hurt!

Just to make this challenge even more amazing than it already was, if you were correct, you got to chop a rope holding a doll of another player. Three chops and that person’s doll dramatically bursts into flames.

So, we got lots of trash talking and an idea of the pecking order that was in everyone’s minds. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

So from the answers, we can deduce that:

-         no one thinks Christina deserves to be there

-         but she does more around camp than Sabrina

-          everyone loves Kim

-         everyone thinks Kat is immature

-         no one wants anything to do with Troyzan

So Kim won this challenge but then made her first big mistake of the game by choosing Alicia and Chelsea to go with her on her helicopter picnic getaway. So Kat had plenty of time to brood over the snub and she and Cristina were ripe for Troyzan to try to turn them against Kim. When will people learn a really simple technique: taje your biggest threats with you on any group reward? Another saying, ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer,’ is apt here. Learn it, future ‘Sirvivor’ contestants.

Troyzan made Kat cry, telling her “my fear is I don’t want to go down as a weak player.” Too late, surely? But Kat was still furious with Kim when she got back to camp. There is a distraction that sets the women screaming, though: a pig wandering through camp. It would be surreal if it were not for the fact that there are so many pigs on that island that we can only imagine how many times this incidence ends up on the cutting room floor. Troyzan failed spectacularly to capture it and then we were on to an immunity challenge.

We have seen this one too but again it’s worth a reprise. It’s a slip and slide, where contestants have to grab rings on the way down and throw them at hooks. It’s also a pretty blatant opportunity for producers to satisfy themselves and the male viewers by having lots of shots of oil being rubbed into breasts.Chelseaobliged this year. Cue awkward celebrations.

Troyzan was out in the first round and then childishly refused to watch any more of the challenge. Pathetic!

And perhaps predictably, Kim won immunity. Bt what followed was weird to say the least. Kim said the girls should give Christina a couple of votes in caseTroyhas an Immunity Idol. That’s fair enough. But then Sabrina told Christina to expect two votes and not to worry about it. So basically, right before Tribal Council, Christina was told no uncertain terms that she is Inferior Girl. Smart…not.

But that wasn’t the weirdest part of this whole incident. No, that came as I was imagining all the parents of Alicia’s unfortunate students hearing her say:

“Christina’s IQ is probably a zero. I don’t know if that even exists. I mean, I’m a special ed teacher, so I handle Christina as one of my students.”

You know people fake their CVs, right? Let’s hope Alicia did that and she’s a number cruncher somewhere who never has to have  contact with human beings, especially young ones.

Christina finally showed some spark tried to get an alliance withTroyto getChelseaout. ButTroyknew they didn’t have the power so he just hoped he could be at least less unpopular than Christina. I really don’t know how he didn’t manage that after her earlier statement but I’m a mom.

Although Christina really had no idea what host Jeff Probst was getting at when he asked, “Christina, why are you here?” “Because I am one lucky girl,” is probably not the most strategically impressive response. Leave it to Alicia to point out why Christina has no right stealing their oxygen on the island, then.

Troyzan was voted out and urged Kat to “Do it!” although it was unclear what exactly he wanted her to do. She probably has no idea either. So now it is Tarzan and the girls. Sounds like a dodgy movie title.

11 Responses to “Survivor 2012 One World Recap: Kim Makes Her First Big Mistake”

  1. metal2rat says:

    Kim has a mustache!!


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  2. nmc says:

    OMG! Alicia is the nastiest person. She just cannot win. It would be such a bad thing.


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  3. Regarding Alicia and her cruelty towards Christina during the whole bigotry rein, it would not be surprising to find out this is exactly how she treats her special needs students! To refer that special needs students have zero IQ and that they should be treated like she treats Christina is appalling. At least Christina has a voice and can speak up for herself where as some of her special needs students may not be able to verbalize her cruelty. I know I would NEVER allow her to be in contact with my children whether they were special needs or not. I would hope after the public display she has put on, that her ability (license) to teach children be taken away.


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  4. dudo says:

    oops .. I meant :” immature and manipulated”
    She surely is NOT manipulative.


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  5. dudo says:

    Kat is quite immature and manipulative. The fact that she cries about not looking stupid to others and able to make her own decisions, shows that she will be used for votes by Kim..Can she see it? Troyzan never deserved to be booted out..The show is about how unethical do you allow yourself to be. The show needs to change into teaching kids (and adults) how to survive being ethical..ha! impossible!!!


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  6. dudo says:

    Kim needs to go. She is manipulative and sexist. They are trying to get rid off all men but…what is it that they like about Tarzan to keep him around? …interesting. I am expecting a cat fight and Kim be booted out by those she manipulated. I dont think that Kim has much integrity in real life, a very cold hearted person indeed; it shows.


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  7. jcw says:

    @Rae Jean Koch:

    I thought exactly the same thing. I can’t imagine what the parents of the children she teaches are thinking after such a heartless remark.


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  8. kay says:

    I think Alicia should have been the first one to go shes rude and honestly i dont ever see her do anything but walk around camp and complain shes not good at challenges she even bragged how good she was at puzzles then lost the same day on a puzzel there is really noone i like now that is left maybe Kat she seems like a good player at least she trys


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  9. Rae Jean Koch says:

    The special education needs to be fired when she gets home. She has bullied Christina and made fun of her own special education students. She is NOT representative of a teacher.


    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  10. bob says:

    name this season boobs and food, all they do is feed these people, remember the old days when they had to feed themselves. the men all deserve to go, when those dummies gave up immunity to vote the black guy off (forgot his name) they were done for. alicia could be the biggest jerk ever hope she wins NOT GO CHRISTINA


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  11. albundy says:

    I find it entersting no one caught the fact the producers,or whomever,introduced a tame pig into the mix and tried to pass it off as wild. Wild pigs look totally different. In fact after about 30 days in the wild a domesticated pig’s appearance will change drastically to that of a feral pig…….


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