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Survivor 2012 One World Recap for March 14: Colton Cumbie Strikes Again!

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Last night’s episode of Survivor: One World was entitled “A Bunch Of Idiots” and they really were, weren’t they? When are they going to wise up to Colton’s dirty tricks?

On last week’s show it was clear that Colton was running the men’s team. Seriously, guys: why?  Jeff told the men that it was the first time in 24 years he has seen a tribe give away their immunity away. And it was all to remove someone Colton didn’t like.

So the news that the tribes were mixing last night was guaranteed to cause a stir. It was no longer men versus women as a new tribe of Greek Gods emerged. So how did Colton fare? Oh, he promised his allegiance to both the men and the women.

So who were the biggest idiots of the night?

The women asked whose idea it was to give immunity off and when the boys say it was Colton’s, Sabrina thought the men were more messed up than the women.  The women think the men handed them the $1 million prize money already but we shall see.

So we got to the tribal switch and you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. In the random switch, took an egg and broke it. The color inside determined their tribe. Blue eggs are Salani member and Orange eggs are Manono members.

Their challenge was to collect water in a bucket and working together to plug holes in the bucket and dump it in a container.  The first team that fills their container won  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coffee cream and sugar and the right to live at the One World Beach.  The losing team had go to a new beach where they must recreate a new world.

Selani won the reward challenge and headed back to camp.  Manono got a map and had to head to their new beach.

I wasn’t the only one pleased Colton was on the losing team, was I? He thought his new team mates sucked already. And Alicia agreed!

Over at Selani they were catching crabs and the guys see some chickens and they catch one.  Troyzan was so excited they now have crabs and chicken for dinner.

Colton kept on trying to convince the girls that he is on their side. Alicia thinks Colton is crazy. So glad she worked this out! Even Jonas got a little suspicious.

Kim realized no one found the idol on the girls team so there has to be another idol around.  She finally found it, which made her the happiest she has been in Survivor. She shares her find with Chelsea but no one else.

Over at Menono the attempts to catch chickens didn’t go so well because the cage they tried to catch it with had one side open. For a brief moment I empathized with Colton: these people sucked!

He planned with Alicia to get Monica out and then Christina. Maybe Alicia is a dumbass after all, because she agreed to vote with Colton.

For the Immunity Challenge, three members of each tribe had to race to get a ball in the water and shoot it into a basket while the other team tried to stop them any way they could. The first tribe to three balls in the basket won immunity and it was Selani.

Menono was going to tribal council.

Alicia said that she and Colton were going to give academy award performances, so Monica will never know she is going home. And she is right. Alicia told Christina she wanted Tarzan to go home.  Christina told Jonas and Colton and they agreed to get rid of Tarzan.  Monica agreed to vote for them but was surprised that the men were on board with voting off a man.  Jonas was a little nervous around Leif and thought he was a wildcard.  Jonas was worried that Leif will turn on them.  Colton met with Tarzan and Leif and told them that they have to vote out Monica.

When Colton saidit is very hard to be the leader of a bunch of idiots, Icould have cheerfully strangled him!

At Tribal Council,  Colton told Jeff that if Monica can turn the sinking team around she should take the wheel.  What a liar!

The upshot was that Monica was voted out of Survivor and victory was once more Colton Cumbie’s. So not impressed, guys. Jeff said he doesn’t get that they voted off their strongtest player in Monica. Probably what he meant to say is they’re a bunch of idiots.

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