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Survivor 2011: South Pacific Premieres

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So, after a gazillion seasons of Survivor, can they do anything to keep interest in the aging show? OK, so it is only 22 seasons and
yes, the producers of Survivor pulled out an old trick with a twist. They brought two of their most popular characters back, one because he wasn’t liked and one because he was, to mix it up with a whole new cast.

Season 22 had a lot of buzz because Ozzy and Coach, who were favorites in earlier, multiple season, get another shot at the million bucks. Survivor: South Pacific started out with a bang, with a helicopter landing and Coach and Ozzy making their presence known to the other players.

Right away, the two stars were termed temporary players. Ouch.

Ozzy went to the red team, Savaii, with a bit of warmth. Coach went to the blue team, Upolu, who greeted him in a much cooler manner.

Coach and Ozzy had to go head to head right away, in a challenge to prove their worth to the team. Who would win? Ozzy! The reward: taro, a food staple and a flint stone.

Coach lost and realizes he is in trouble when his whole team  walks off except for Edna, who offers to help carry his things. Will he be the first one voted off the island?

The Savaii tribe finds their new location and decided to swim in the water. They play and romp in the water and don’t bother to set up camp yet. Cochran, a true fan of the game, called himself a pathetic twerp…called his tribe a 90210 tribe and he was one of the 0′s.

The Upolu tribe goes to set up camp and there is no play or bonding time. Coach tries to show off his skills, but is quickly shown up on many things he tries to do. While he wants to help out, some of the players think he is simply showing off. Other teammates start to scatter and look for an immunity idol. Is the fraction starting already?

Oh, did I mention that Russell Hantz, the one referred to as an evil player in two previous seasons, has a nephew on? He is trying to keep his identity hidden, however, he bears two tattoos with his last name! He said if he can keep his shirt on, his last name can remain a secret. Too bad that Sophie already admitted she feels he is hiding something!

Dawn on the Savaii tribe fell apart on the first morning by her own admission. Ozzy was worried, but provided moral support as she tried to pull it together. Will she be the first voted off if they lose the immunity challenge?

The immunity challenge seemed pretty easy, with a race, then working to get the entire team over a wall and then one person had to dig for a machete. The machete holder then chopped some ropes to release a bunch of coconuts. Three team members shoot the coconuts in to a basket. The first team to get their coconut basket full will raise the team flag and be the winner.
Upolu won and also got fire for their tribe.

Savaii will get to be the first tribe to attend Tribal Council. Will it be Dawn, who started to crack? Semhar who missed all of her coconut shots? Will it be Cochran who is not athletic? A little bit of strategizing took place all day and some of the players looked tense when Jeff posed questions. Semhar and Cochran each talked forever, pleading their cases to the rest of the tribe. Who got the most votes?

Semhar has the dubious distinction of being the first one voted off. But she heads to Redemption Island…where she might get a chance to make it back to a tribe in the future.

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