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Survivor 2011 Recap: Mike and David Head to Redemption Island

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The crazy but appealing Phillip was the center of attention at both of last night’s Tribal Councils as Mike and David both had their torches snuffed out and headed to Redemption Island.

After cutting Matt loose for the second time, the former Zapatera tribe members were very impressed with Boston Rob’s controlling strategy, which David compared to a mob hit.  Julie called it cold-blooded to send Matt back to Redemption Island so quickly. But it just showed that the Ometepe tribe was under Rob’s thumb. The “Ometepe Six” haven’t merged at all.  They have a separate shelter and don’t eat with Zapatera. Boston Rob’s next goal is to take out Phillip and Natalie.

Phillip didn’t endear anyone to him with his continued weirdness. When Murlonio arrived for the Immunity challenge, Phillip had a feather strapped to his forehead.  He said that he had been asking for a sign when a feather appeared out of nowhere.  Ummmm…  OK…

Anyway, the 3-part challenge was less than thrilling but Grant won and claimed the Immunity necklace.

Back at Murlonio’s camp, Mike worried about Boston Rob’s rule over the former Ometepe tribe members.  Hoping to find the hidden Immunity Idol, Mike and David started digging around the tribe flag since it looked as if one of the poles had been shifted while they were away at the challenge.  But as they were tossing sand aside in their hunt, Boston Rob noticed what they were doing and rushed over there with Phillip.  They grabbed shovels and started digging in front of everybody else.  Nobody found an Idol.

At the Tribal Council, Phillip just could not be put down. Still wearing the feather on his forehead he told everyone that his great-great-grandfather, a full-blooded Cherokee, had visited him during a meditation and told him that the former Ometepe should “live long in Survivor lore.”  Everyone scoffed but when Julie said she looks at the Ometepe six and sees Phillip at the bottom, he responded by saying it’s a nice place to be since you can always look up and see what’s going on. David eventually accused Phillip of starting to sound like a lunatic. Finally, someone has noticed!

After the votes were tallied, although five went against Phillip, was Mike knocked out of the competition with a ticket to Redemption Island.

Back at the next Immunity challenge, the survivors were greeted by a huge pile of cheeseburgers.  Each had to decide to eat the burgers or compete for Immunity.  Only Phillip and Steve chose to chow down. The challenge was to hang from a horizontal pole above a pool of water.  The last person standing would be win immunity and that person was Andrea – after she asked Ashley and Natalie to take a fall for her.

Back at camp, Ralph was thrilled to discover dead fish in their nets.  Boston Rob warned everybody not to eat the fish because it had already gone bad since they were dead for so long.  The Zapatera tribe didn’t care and ate the fish anyway. Of the Ometepe, only Grant broke rank and ate some fish, dissention in the ranks?

At the next Tribal Council, Phillip openly talked about his alliance, Stealth R Us. After a thorough explanation of how that works, all host Jeff Probst could say was “Wow.”  We agree.

And it was at this point that Ralph lost it with Phillip. He asked if Phillip’s great-great-grandfather also told him to sit on the bench to eat cheeseburgers instead of competing in the challenge.

At the vote, all the Zapatera tribe voted against Boston Rob.  David wrote Rob’s name down four times, even asking if they could count it as four.  But their attempt to get rid of Rob failed and the Ometepe Six got their way again, voting off David and sending him to Redemption Island. With that, Ashley turned to her group and mouthed, “And then there were three.”

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