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Secret Elvis Daughter Sues Presley Family

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Is Swedish woman Lisa Johansen (43) the daughter we never knew Elvis had? She says so and what’s more, she says Lisa Marie Presley, who we all believe to be The King’s daughter, is an imposter who took her place!

Now Johansen has filed a $130 million lawsuit against the Presley estate and relatives for defamation and emotional distress.

As if that part of the story was not weird enough, things get even weirder. Lisa Johansen claims she is the true daughter of Elvis Presley and that he knew about her and was involved in her life until his death in 1977, after which she was forcibly exiled to Sweden amid fears she would be kidnapped.

But are you ready for this next shock? This is not alleged to be some secret love child sired on a one night fling. Lisa Johansen says Priscilla Presley is really her mother but Lisa Marie is an imposter who was put in her place to protect her from kidnap.

Johansen produced an autobiography, I, Lisa Marie, in the late 1990s but as she refused to take an agreed-upon DNA test to prove her claims, her publishers sued $50 million and she led a quiet life out of the spotlight for over a decade. But Johansen claims she took a test in London in 2010.

Now a series of recent conflicts with the Presley family led her to force her claims in a US District Court in Memphis, Tennessee on November 21. Johansen alleges that Lisa Marie Presley stole her identity to prevent her from getting her inheritance.

The suit stems from a visit Johansen made to Graceland in August with her husband and four children to commemorate the anniversary of Presley’s death. On the visit she was accused of engaging in “outlandish, bizarre and fraudulent conduct,”  by boasting to Graceland staff that she was Elvis Presley’s secret daughter.

Presley attorney Martin Singer was brought in, and within days he had sent a letter to Johansen’s legal representative. In it he warned her against “impersonating” Lisa Marie Presley and accused her of removing private property from Graceland in an earlier visit in 1992.

In response, Maria Skelly, a spokeswoman for Johansen in Washington, said the Presley family has been “provocative and hostile,” so it had become impossible to resolve the situation privately. No court date has yet been set.

Sure, she looks like Elvis Presley, but has she had some help with those distinctive cheekbones. So can someone tell me exactly how this works, putting another child in someone’s place so the other child isn’t kidnapped? Skeptical much…?

8 Responses to “Secret Elvis Daughter Sues Presley Family”

  1. Julie says:

    Sorry lady but there was only one Elvis Presley and one Lisa Marie Presley and your not her….By the way…your plastic surgeon should be fired for such raunchy work!!!


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  2. joseph says:

    It’s been a couple of years since the story above was printed.I was wondering what’s happened,if anything, with this case between the Johansens,and the Presley’s.DID THIS CASE EVER GO TO COURT?If so,what was the outcome?PLEASE ANSWER…


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  3. Sparky says:

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  4. Bob says:

    that is totally crazy and i did research, lisa marie presley is definite his daughter along with i say is true elaine elizabeth presley is also, these two are very much alike in every-way as far as i can see, sisters i would bank on that one


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  5. Maria says:

    It’s sad how long se had to wait to say she was the daughter!In his last will and testament he does state on there Lia and other children? so he KNEW!!! there was another Lisa out there?


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  6. Mark Bibbee says:

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  7. rick torz says:

    plastic surgery can make anyone look like someone famous. i agree , nutcase and gold digger who is just after the money and 15 minutes of fame. something that low life lisa johansen obviously has never had but wants greedily without earning it. go get a life lisa and leave the elvis legacy alone, your not a part of it in any way.


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  8. aj says:

    What a nut case lol


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