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Glee SPOILERS: Does Quinn Survive the Season 3 Car Crash?

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Well, that was some cliffhanger wasn’t it! In the closing moments of Glee Season 3, Episode 14: On My Way – the midseason finale – an oncoming truck smashed into Quinn’s car, leaving us to wonder: does Quinn die?

I didn’t think it was fair that those nasty producers at Glee were going to leave us seven weeks – yes, seven weeks – to find out what happens to Dianna Agron’s character. I needed to know if I should mourn Quinn now!

So if you are quite happy in suspended animation, not knowing or caring what happens to Quinn, you don’t need to read any further. It would be a waste, because I’m going to tell you what happens to her.

You have been warned!

A week or so ago Samuel Larsen, who plays Joe Hart revealed on Twitter that he had just shot his last scene of the day with Dianna Agron.

The Tweet has been deleted now, so it looks like producers are trying to keep something quiet.

But why make it so top secret? Couldn’t Joe just be saying goodbye to her in a hospital bed or something? Joe is rumored to be Quinn’s love interest, after all so he’d be a bit cut up about her dying, surely?

So now here is the real interesting spoilers.

Quinn appears to be alive when Glee returns on April 10 for Season 3, Episode 15: Big Brother. See the picture above.

Further proof comes from Glee music producer Alex Anders’ February 15 Tweet. He had just fun recording a song with Dianna Agron.

He also talked of recording with “Mr. Bomer,” (Matt) who is going to playing Blaine’s (Darren Criss) older brother, Cooper Anderson in Episode 15.

So Quinn is singing in that episode. Of course, she could have come back as an angel or something. But it’s looking pretty good for her having got through the car accident alive, doesn’t it?

But there is a problem:

Photograph from the set of Glee on February 21 show both Dianna and her co-star Kevin McHale (Artie) in wheelchairs. But we don’t yet know whether the wheelchair is just a temporary part of Quinn’s recovery, or whether accident left her permanently disabled. We will have to watch to find out.

13 Responses to “Glee SPOILERS: Does Quinn Survive the Season 3 Car Crash?”

  1. mimi says:

    hey I’m from germany an that is because my english is not the best but I`m sure you will apologize. I have a question: in germany the episode showed later as in america and maybe you know what will happen? I will be glad, if you can answer my question. Thank you. ;)


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  2. Leah says:

    Glee is my favorite show., so I am so glad she is okay! It was so amazing that she is okay.


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  3. Leah says:

    why would you say that @Joanna Backman:


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  4. Mark D'Fig says:

    They’re playing a game with wheel chairs for artie, there are pictures of all of them in wheel chairs on the web.


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  5. glee_ftw says:

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  6. blabby says:

    I love Diana Agron and she doesn’t die but she has to be in a wheel chair :(


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  7. CeCe says:

    when quinn got in the car accident i went OMG Y QUINN then i saw it said u will see what happens next april10 i was like omg and since that i have been like was it rachels fault or quinns or maybe both i m so confussled ( confused and puzzled) but y not like that irish kid that brittany thought was a leprocin y quinn and i saw in the picture above of her in the wheelchair with a perfect face i am suprised that she doesnt have a face with like scars on it but i am just glad that she is ALIVE AND NOT DEAD


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  8. bobby says:

    If quinn is going to be in a wheelchair I just hope its not forever I don’t want all of her dreams changing because she is in a wheelchair I want her to be able to walk by the end of season 3 hopefully.


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  9. Kendell says:

    I would just like to say that it is possible that she will survive a crash like that for I am a car accident surviver I wen through a red light and went head on with a semi so of I can survive that I think that it is very possible for Quinn to survive that she will probably have broken bones and that kind of stuff wrong I had a cracked wrist and clavicle and my backs screwed up but I survived


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  10. Joanna Backman says:

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  11. rosie cohen says:

    i totly argee but i am so sad that if shes in a weel chair she cant be in the cheerios :( when i herd the news i almost cryed ;( i love quinn brittney and santana there r the best !!!!!!!!


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  12. Lily says:

    Yes i think she IS still alive….. you should have seen the look on my face at the end of that episode :O i kept saying ” WHY QUINN” how dare they let us wait


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  13. Brittana/FaberryFan says:

    i totally agree but did you guys see how quinn looked at rachel that last episode and of course she is alive the promo for season 3 episode 14 had her in bridesmaid dress telling rachel that she id not going to sit around and let her marry finn but i was still crying but now im kind of relieved that QUINN IS ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HER , FABERRY AND BRITTANA —- 4 LIFE


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