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Charlie Sheen Update: Two and a Half Men Cancelled

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Charlie Sheen, the highest paid US TV actor has had his show, “Two and a Half Men”, canceled after his foul-mouthed rant about the show’s creator. Sheen earned $825,000 each episode, from his acting fee and show ownership rights. But future work on the show has been halted indefinitely, with no promise it will resume.

The show’s cancellation comes after months of production breaks while Sheen entered a home-based rehab program for drink and drug addiction. The program makers stuck by Charlie, son of veteran actor, Martin Sheen, through his legendary benders. Now he’s gone too far, calling Chuck Lorre a “pu**y punk” and a “charlatan”.

Oh dear, Charlie! It seems even you are not indispensable. Production on the four shows due to be shot this season will not now go ahead. The longer term future of the show, and Charlie Sheen, who previously felt himself untouchable, is in jeopardy. Sheen retaliated at news of the show’s cancellation by calling Lorre a “contaminated little maggot” who “can’t handle [his] power and can’t handle the truth” in an open letter. “”Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words.”

Well, since it’s Sheen who has had his show canceled and therefore his income drastically cut, would you say he was the victor in all of this? Is the highest paid US TV actor worth it or is the cancellation of his show a long overdue lesson to pull his head in and clean up his act?

9 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Update: Two and a Half Men Cancelled”

  1. ProfessorTallywhacker the third says:

    Charlie Sheen has spent his last 15 minutes of fame,he’s now shot his wad and shown himself to be the ranting lunatic even a deranged madman would be ashamed to know.

    This spoiled man/child is nothing but a shit stain on the very fabric of life,a filthy deposit corrupting children and men alike with his pagan self aggrandizing cockstroking.

    Charlie now has clearly come to an impasse,and a deep trough of misery is cast before him as he Unwillingly contemplates the flaccid and impotent being he has truly become.

    Dare he remove the tragic mask of theatre and face his true image?,dare he to sup from the porcelain vomitorium he has placed under his chin?

    Where one he could simply extend his middle finger toward the face of his employers and shoot his Caustic load into the face of the public,he has now become nothing more than a foole,a pathetic clown like figure lacking in both dignity and humility…two unforgivable sins for a actor.

    He continues to arrogantly lash out in a blind rage firm set in his belief that his mainly female audience are always eager to accept another stern shagging and Tiger Wood style affair in exchange for a night of bragging rights eternal.

    But Sheen is bringing to feel the sharks lapping at his manhood,where now can he seek refuge after he has thoroughly rogered his public?
    Does he truly believe Mr.Lorre will bend over and accept another shagging after the previous rogering with a jagged cricket bat?

    Sheen may as well find a sturdy piece of rope and attempt to string his person from a nearby beam.

    We have had or fill sir Charlie.
    His live shows have lost thier appeal as the freak show aspect wears thin and his constant chest pounding and loud bombastic statements have become the obnoxious bane of the common man as he angrily contends with his workaday nonsense only to wind up tired and underpaid at days end.

    Sheen who should fall down upon his knees and thank his lucky stars for his posh layabout lifestyle of free wheeling sex and hedonistic drug use,instead proudly thumps his chest as a silverbacks gorrila arrogantly proclaiming himself a genius and diminishing all who surround him as mere cumstains on his bedhseet.


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  2. The Legendary Dickules says:

    Charlie Sheen once made the statement that he was so famous and loved that he could walk into any mans home and have sex with his wife.

    Perhaps that is true given that women are impressed by power,fame and wealth,but it would seem they quickly tire of Charlies arrogant cockswaggering manner and blowhard pomposity.

    My father works on Two and a Half men and has told me storys of Sheens wildly unpredictable behaviour and explosively violent temper.
    one story that really stands out was when Charlie was engaged in an argument with a scriptwriter (who was a lady) and Charlie unzipped his fly and wagged his member in front of her stating “not getting enough of this lately,thats your problem”

    My father is secretly glad “two and half men” has been cancelled as he is now working on a much more pleasant set.


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  3. Donna Mac says:

    I have always loved Two and a Half Men but Now I refuse to even watch the re-runs. How Selfish Sheen is to cause all these people to lose their jobs. In a society where everyone is trying to just survive financially he is a mockery. I hope he soon gets over himself and gets some help. Wonder what his father thinks of all this mess?


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  4. WES says:



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  5. scott says:

    Charlie Sheen is talented. I can’t believe that he’s in his right mind when he makes comments like he does. I remember back in the day when I saw in the news how jacked up Robert Downey Jr. was. Now look where he is. Charlie will be back and better than ever.


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  6. Marie says:

    Have you seen all of the Four Horsemen yet?
    Been there, done that.


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  7. Jim says:

    I challenge Charlie to live three weeks of my life and I truly believe he would appreciate his life much more. I think he is a good man but lost site of his values. I truly hope he is able to recover 100% and make peace with himself and the people he hurt. Jim


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  8. Denise says:

    Charlie Sheen is so arrogant and narcissistic, he doesn’t seem to care how many other people are going to lose their jobs due to his getting the production closed down. He is a colossal jerk.

    Maybe he and Mel Gibson can go into business together.


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  9. kourt says:

    Get some help pleeze Charlie

    A 16 year old fan


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