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Celebrity Big Brother UK Recap; Jedward Make Their Move on Amy Childs

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Day 4 in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house started with an unpleasant surprise.

Lucien and Bobby had emptied packets and other food into the kitchen drawers. Darryn Lyons was not happy about chickpeas in the cornflakes when he wanted to have his breakfast.

His bad mood continued through the day as he confessed to Paddy Doherty that certain people in the Celebrity Big Brother house were really starting to annoy him now. He confided in Paddy that he thought they were the only two sane ones left in the house and everyone else was going mad.

One of the Jedward boys (who knows which one!) happy slapping housemates in the lounge didn’t help either but they soon went back to domestic chores. Everyone thought Jedward were responsible for the mixing up of the food so maybe that was why Darryn had them with him cleaning out the freezer and tossing out of date food. They couldn’t be grounded as there’s nowhere to go in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house so maybe they got extra chores instead?

It was also hair wash day for Jedward. They helped each other out with random shampoos they collected from around the room, upsetting Sally Berkow when they used it all. The boys showed how close they are, shampooing each other’s hair. It was kind of touching until the one doing the shampooing decided to shower his brother in the face!

Sally was mad with them using all of her shampoo. “You used all my shampoo and it still looks crap,” she told Jedward after they decide to wear their hair flat. But she seemed to be in a good humor

They still thought it was “epic.”

Amy chatted about her boob job with Lucien and Bobby and told them that most of her friends didn’t notice she’d had breast enlargement as she used to go out with her bra stuffed with chicken fillets. She told the amusing tale of how once when she was dancing, the chicken fillets fell out on to the floor. Never one to be worried by such things, Essex girl Amy apparently picked up the fillets and threw them at the wall!

Darryn’s grumpiness continued a bit longer and he told Paddy they are the only two sane people left in the house. Paddy will be the strongest mentally, he says, as things are starting to bug him now.

Lighten up, Darryn, you’re being paid an awful lot of money to be a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother 2011!

There were some more serious discussions on Celebrity Big Brother UK tonight. The phone hacking scandal came up and Kerry Katona revealed she had been a victim. Newspapers even had the name of her drug dealer. She blamed the News of the World of wrecking “the little bit of a career” that she had. She said the newspaper wrecked her life by losing her an advertising deal with frozen food chain Iceland and that is where paparazzi photographer Darryn Lyons clashed with her a little. pointing out that tabloid newspapers fed the fame that made her a lot of money. Likeable Kerry readily admitted that was true.

She also spoke about her notorious interview on This Morning when she slurred her speech so much it was unintelligible.

“I swear on my children’s lives that was pure medication,” she said

And she recounted a 70 minute ordeal when intruders held her and her family at knifepoint a few years ago. She remembered incredible detail – unless she is just good at telling stories.

Out in the garden over a cigarette Kerry Katona talked about getting of drugs was like having fog lifted from over her life. She professed to being so anti-drugs (except nicotine and alcohol obviously) that she now no longer took her bipolar medications she was prescribed from 2005.

Inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, Jedward again got domesticated, this time washing dishes with Amy Childs. However there was one toe-curlingly gross moment as one of the boys was drying dishes with a bathroom towel Amy said had been used to dry someone’s private parts! It was more worrying that the twin sniffed the towel to decide whether to believe her or not!

Pamela Bach-Haselhoff and Kerry talked love. Sally and Paddy talked about expectations of her due to John’s job. Poor Sally Berkow said sadly, “I disappoint people all the time.”

Darryn’s low mood lifted later in the day as he and Tara finally addressed the atmosphere between them. Darryn said he had no “vendetta” against her as she thought and it was just his weird sense of humor.

So the Celebrity Big Brother UK housemates were all friends again as they tackled the bed sheet modelling task. We’ll have to wait and see how Big Brother rewarded housemates for their catwalk show but it was quite entertaining. Darryn’s costume was nothing short of miraculous, as were Jedward strutting their stuff. Some of the girls looked like brides in their bed sheet creations and Lucien and Bobby – well they just wore some linen as a short skirt and showed as much skin as possible.

After the fashion show there was a touching moment as Sally Berkow pledged her love for her husband in diary room.

Outside the diary room, the talk was not quite so pleasant for some. Amy Childs briefed Paddy on female fashion and on “camel toe.” He was not impressed.

“I really people in my heart and soul believe a woman should never talk like that,” he said.

The housemates have started to realize how self-contained Jedward are and how they take themselves out of the situation whenever there is tension. The housemates watched the twins in the sauna discussing how it works and once again I got a real sense of innocence from Jedward that is so much more positive than the label “immaturity” makes it sound. The housemates sat and watched like proud parents as Jedward made sandcastles together in the garden later. Then the boys retreated to the bathroom to sing their favorite pop songs together, just the two of them.

But it was late into the night (last night in reality) that we got to know quite a bit more about Jedward. The housemates even helped us distinguish one from the other.

“Edward’s a bit thinner” according to Sally.

It seems the Celebrity Big Brother UK contestants have worked out the twins. Have you?

Late night talk turned inevitably to relationships, with Lucien admitting, “I’d love to do something to Tara if she wasn’t married.”

Darryn has him worked out, I think. Like he says, Lucien would like to do something with virtually any of the women who would let him, in the Celebrity Big Brother 2011 house.

But it was Jedward getting the action. Amy asked one of the Jedward boys (Edward) to cuddle with her in bed. Edward was too shy but John accepted her offer and slipped under the covers with her. It seemed he intended to stay there.

“I think I’m on a sleepover,” he gleefully announced.

Edward was clearly jealous so he joined her on the other side. Cue amusing moment as John yelled out “my pants are kinda wet.” Relax! He meant his hips or bottom or something and clearly hadn’t dried off properly after the sauna.

So, we leave the Celebrity Big Brother house for another night, with Darryn Lyons predicting dramas tomorrow. But will they come from Tara Reid’s paranoia, Lucien Laviscount’s desperation to get it on with someone, or from Jedward being Jedward?

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