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Celebrity Big Brother UK Recap: A Guest Housemate and Alliances Form

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It’s Day 4 in the “Celebrity Big Brother UK” house but most of tonight’s show covered Day 3 happenings (Saturday). I’ll also give you a few spoilers later.

Things have settled nicely: too nicely for Channel 5 bosses. Friday and Saturday audiences were down around 2 million people compared to the launch show so they are keen to shake things up and boost the viewing figures. So, it’s time for a new housemate to stir things up as trouble looms for a couple of housemates out in the real world and love (well, attraction, at least), blooms for two housemates.

Personally, I think it’s a little too early for Channel 5 to be worrying about that dip in viewing figures. The “Big Brother” launch show was a phenomenal success with a far bigger audience than expected and Friday and Saturday evenings in the summer are made for going out on the town, not sitting at home in front of the TV!

But first, some news from the real world that affect a couple of the housemates.

The “Daily Mail” newspaper is reporting that Sally Bercow may be facing a divorce from husband John over her decision to enter the “Big Brother” house. She said during Thursday’s launch show that he was “not chuffed” (not thrilled) by her decision. A friend was quotes as saying he’s in “despair” and has lost weight, even got grayer hair as a result of the strain. Others have dismissed these accusations of marital strife as nonsense.

We will have to wait until Sally Bercow is evicted to find out what happens with her marriage. That could be this Friday as Sally faces the public vote against Kerry Katona and Bobby Sabel.

Another “Celebrity Big Brother UK” housemate who is in trouble is Paddy Doherty. He walked off “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” after only two days of filming in the latest series, to appear on “Celebrity Big Brother.” Program bosses are understandably angry about his decision to walk away from the show that made him a celebrity. They are talking about firing him and cutting out all his scenes from the new season of “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” currently being filmed.

So now the important matters: what happened on tonight’s “Celebrity Big Brother UK”?

Jedward showed they are domesticated, giving the bathroom a thorough clean. But just so we don’t worry about them calming down too much, they took Sally Bercow’s clothes and towel when she was in the shower so she had to walk naked to the bathroom.

No, your TV didn’t break; we didn’t see Sally’s walk of shame. But she took it well and was all smiles.

Later in the day, Mohamed Al-Fayed entered the house as Pharaoh. Housemates, wrapped up as mummies, had to get up from lying on the floor (The Rising of the Pharaoh): apparently not easy when strapped in bandages. Bobby won, with the first six housemates to stand going through to a round of musical chairs, dancing like Egyptians. Or dancing like freaks.

Oh, and Tara Reid had to put on her jewellery, even dressed as a mummy. Take a look at the photo if you don’t believe me.

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff won the musical chairs game and was declared Pharaoh for the day. She declared everyone could do whatever they wanted all day and party all night. What Mohamed Al Fayed wanted to do was to pass on his business card, complete with his phone number, on to all the ladies in the “Celebrity Big Brother UK” house!

Darryn Lyons, perhaps in jest, took to the diary room with Amy Childs to protest about the result. But as expected, Big Brother ruled that the referee’s decision is final.

He soon recovered anyway, showing Paddy his body “contouring,” a surgical procedure to give him fake abs. The naked six pack was impressive. So it’s not all fat under those clothes, as I imagined!

Big Brother showed his sensitive side and gave Paddy a call from his wife for their 34th wedding anniversary. Paddy has taken a lot of criticism for his sexist talk on the show but his tearful repetition of “my baby” in relation to his wife was touching.

In the ad break viewers were reminded of the “Fright Night” competition for three “Celebrity Big Brother UK” fans and their companions to enter the BB house to watch the UK premiere of “Fright Night.”

Lucien Laviscount admitted to Darren and Paddy Doherty he fancies Amy, even though she’s not his type. What’s that all about? Well, it’s all BS because it doesn’t take Lucien and Amy long to get close, not matter what his “type” usually is! It was like teens in school with Kerry Katona playing go-between, attempting to get Lucien and Amy to talk to each other and sort out their feelings for each other.

Amy faced up to Lucien in front of several housemates, told him she was jealous he talked to Tara so much. Eventually they hugged after reaching some agreement, but Lucien was still hyped.

“I think she’s an amazing girl and I just can’t stop thinking about her,” he told Darryn.

Remember that part, folks – you’ll need it again in a moment.

Tara gave Egyptian costumes and some alcohol to the housemates to celebrate the mummy task. Somehow Darryn upset Tara by reportedly saying she was his “enemy.” In the diary room, as a consequence, Tara went to the Diary Room to tell Big Brother that she doesn’t like Darryn because “he plays both sides.” She said that is making her “paranoid and cautious.” She was upset that Darryn turned on her after she organized his birthday party yesterday. I thought it was Big Brother who did that but Tara says it was her.

So Tara Reid is the first person to be really feeling the strain in the “Celebrity Big Brother UK 2011” house. She reacted by getting defensive in a late night conversation out in the garden with Bobby Sabel and Lucien Laviscount, the most beautiful boys in the house. She told them her new husband, Zack Kehayov, is “sooo protective, big and strong like a man…” (sic.)

Lucien was in the kitchen when he denied fancying Amy Childs, or having any feelings for her at all. See – I told you that you’d need to remember something from earlier. So who’s the biggest double crosser now: Darryn or Lucien?

Tara Reid suggested a nomination pact with Bobby and Lucien, hoping to get Darryn Lyons nominated. Now, ordinarily, discussion of nominations outside of the diary room earns punishment from Big Brother so we will just have to see if the powers that be feel that Tara Reid was out of order.

Find out whether the Channel 5 Big Brother is as strict as the old one on discussing nomination in tomorrow’s “Celebrity Big Brother UK.” at 10pm Monday, on Channel 5.

Look away now if you don’t want to read any SPOILERS.

In honor of Sally Bercow’s famous photo posing only in a bed sheet housemates are given an hour to design and outfit from just a bed sheet and wear it for a catwalk show in the “Big Brother” house. Bobby and Lucien team up to create a fake task for their housemates too.

Find out whether the Channel 5 Big Brother is as strict as the old one on discussing nomination, watch the  catwalk show and discover what the fake task is in tomorrow’s “Celebrity Big Brother UK” at 10pm Monday, on Channel 5.

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