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‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Omarosa Suing La Toya Jackson Over Michael Clarke Duncan Death Slur

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‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Omarosa Manigault says she’s suing La Toya Jackson over comments the singer made on last night’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ alleging she was responsible for the death last fall of her actor fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan.

Omarosa plans to sue LaToya for the “false, vicious and defamatory” comments she made about Omarosa being the one t cause her fiancé’s fatal heart attack.

On the Sunday night episode of ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’, LaToya Jackson was fired by Donald Trump and made vicious comments about Michael Clarke Duncan’s tragic heart attack and death.

“She’s a conniving, scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke …” she said.

Her attack was prompted after team-mate Omarosa left rehearsals for their group task, upset at hearing that a TV show was to play a tape recording of the 911 call made relating to Michael Duncan Clarke’s fatal heart attack.

“La Toya Jackson’s statement on the March 17, 2013 episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, that the Reverend Omarosa Manigault caused her fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan to die, is false, vicious and defamatory,” Omarosa’s attorney exclusively told RadarOnline on Monday.

“Rev. Manigault has been heralded as a life saver for her actions on the evening that her fiancé suffered a life-ending heart attack. It is because of her bravery that Mr. Duncan — the love of Rev. Manigault’s life — was able to live for months beyond that tragic night. Mr. Duncan passed away from natural causes.”

The cause of death was complications arising from the heart attack.

Jackson made her comments, which were branded “repulsive” and “the lowest level of class” after she was fired from the show on last night’s episode.

Omarosa’s attorney said that they are planning to take action “to pursue these defamatory statements to the fullest extent of the law” with La Toya Jackson and “any other participating publications or media outlets who repeat or repost these statements.”

Probably the only reason other media outlets are reposting these vile comments is to side completely with Omarosa and condemn LaToya Jackson for making such hurtful and shameful accusations in the first place.

9 Responses to “‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Omarosa Suing La Toya Jackson Over Michael Clarke Duncan Death Slur”

  1. boogenhagen74 says:

    omarosa is “a conniving witch” as latoya stated to arsineo. she will do anything to get in the news… even her fake tears. i never once saw a tear fall down her face when she was “crying” on the show. omarosa looks out for number one ONLY. michael clark duncan should be cannonized as a saint for being around her for more than two and a half minutes.


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  2. wolfy says:

    Sorry, folks, but LaToya hasn’t said anything that millions of us probably haven’t thought already about Ms. Manigault in regard to her “finace,” Mr. Duncan. Considering the vicious way Manigault treated Ms Jackson, prior to Ms Jackson’s being “fired” by Trump, making fun of her late brother’s voice, being completely uncontrollable as an alleged teammate then running off for “an emergency” as she told Ms Jackson (which she later stated was the releasing of the 911 call, which she could not stop) then the crocodile tears every time Trump has her over a barrel … yeah, Omarosa, a LOT of us think there’s a chance you killed him. Maybe not directly, but you probably GAVE him that heart attack, the poor man. I have no love for this … female … but I have great respect for Ms Jackson. I’ll stand behind her on this.


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  3. Get a life Omarosa! says:

    PULEEEEZE…..LaToya was just upset and merely said an unsavory comment in the heat of the moment. Everyone, including “Rev O” and her attorneys know that is the truth! Of all the people that think they have the right to sue or call someone out for saying something mean and nasty…. I say Omarosa, take a good long look in the mirror before you start calling people out or filing frivolous lawsuits!


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  4. Jamaal says:

    I don’t think what La Toya said shows any class but what happened to our right to the First amendment?
    Freedom of speech is one of the very principals that make our country the best in the world!
    Maybe the next article you write should be about the governments plans to repeal the Second amendment….


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  5. Christina says:

    Please, Omarosa….Freedom of speech. And, Freedom of opinion. PS…your obnoxious crying and refering to him as your “baby” doesn’t show love, it shows guilt. Statistics show that living a streddful life can increase risk of heart related incidents including a heart attack. It is very possible that you created a stressful environment in which most certainly lended to the heart attack. You are disingenuousto file such a lawsuit. If Michael was the kind forgiving man that you preach about than this isn’t what he would want from you. He would expect you to be forgiving….you hypocrite.


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  6. Nila says:

    The firing of LaToya instead of the narcissistic and self absorbed Omarosa is clearly a ratings driven decision. If Omarosa were a true leader, she would know when to fall in line and help the person truly in charge achieve their vision ( much like Little Jon). Suing LaToya for her comments that were said out of frustration is so ghetto and clearly a publicity stunt. Omarosa is not a leader. She fails to inspire and build the people around her because she is too busy looking in the mirror admiring her mannish features while looking out the window to place blame on whoever she can find for her many failures. Mr . Trump finally lost all credibility and proved to me that his boardroom decisions are based on making ratings. I , for one, will not be watching the rest of the season.


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  7. Leesa Riley says:

    Omarosa is absolutely vile. The way she treated and made fun of LaToya – even using a snide voice to sing her brother’s hit song “Beat It” in her face as a mockery was appalling. Sometimes people can be pushed so hard they can be pushed to a place where they lash back and I am sure this is why LaToya said what she did. There are many choice words I have for the “Reverend” and also alot of personal thoughts. Ewwwwww


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  8. #omarosasucks says:

    @Ann: you are so correct. I didn’t watch it, but Donald must be desperate for ratings to bring that crazy a•• lady back on the show. She is utterly appalling and her parents should take no pride in their daughter, they raised a freak that no one loves but them & Donald.


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  9. Ann says:

    Omarose needs to get over her obnoxious self….


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