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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Down To The Final Two

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Last night’s firing of Aubrey O’Day was the best timed ever on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ The woman is TV gold, as she happily told everyone. So an episode without her had become unthinkable. But then we didn’t even have to think about it: she was fired, left the boardroom and then almost next shot she was with the final two meeting everyone else at the Lincoln Center for the final task.

“I’m somebody that stands in your face and is so bright and shines so big that you’re either intimidated, you’re annoyed, or you’re in love,” said Aubrey. “I hope I die undeveloped.” Intellectually and in oh so many other ways, she probably will.

Arsenio had some choice words for his only rival Clay, then.

“I’m getting in your ass.”

No, no, no. Even gay Clay warned him,

“You might want to rephrase that.”

Ya think?!!  Funny, though, even if it didn’t even make sense. I just figure Arsenio means he is going to do his best to win.

It was interesting to see who the returning celebrities were…and who they weren’t.

Debbie, Aubrey, Lisa, Teresa, Penn, Dee, Adam, and Paul returned. But where was Dayana? I would have paid to see her on a team with Lisa or Clay. And what about Lou? I wanted to see him give 110% one more time!

The task was to create a 30 second ad, party, and performance for their own charity. And we got a schoolyard pick for the returning celebrities! Oh this was goooddddd!

Arsenio’s surprised me by picking Adam first, but I was downright stunned by Clay’s first pick: Penn. The look on Aubrey’s face was priceless as Arsenio picked “the lovely and talented…Lisa Lampanelli!” Professional singer Aubrey got to smile a little more awkwardly as Clay picked Debbie for “turning my attention to music.” Arsenio picked “the resourceful, pretty…Paulie Sr!” How much more could Aubrey take without crying? Clay picked singer Dee. That left only Aubrey and Teresa, and guess what, Arsenio picked Teresa. Aubrey was unselected so by default took the walk of shame over to Clay’s team.

“Haters are hating once again,” she said. Yes. Exactly.

The final task was fun but lacked drama as the celebrities were doing projects for their own charities, so don’t have to please a corporate sponsor, which is usually at least half of the fun. This time the fun had to be provided by Arsenio’s team dressing up like fools.

“I really love Teresa,” said Adam. “She has a great sort of youthful enthusiasm, It might be called naïveté. And I can say that freely because she doesn’t know what that word means. She’s at home looking that crap up right now.”

I love it!

The Magic Johnson PSA was fun too, for all the wrong reasons. When Adam said that his audio podcast guys had recorded it, rather than actual video professionals, it was obvious in good TV terms that something was going to go badly wrong for Arsenio’s team. And oh boy did it go wrong!

The team had recorded Arsenio passing a basketball off a little bit to the right hand side of the screen where Magic would catch it in L.A. and then talk all about his Foundation and the important work it does. That’s all well and good, but what Magic actually did was — after looking front and center for about 2 seconds — turn sideways 90 degrees to his right, and instead of telling the viewers about his foundation, he appeared to be telling it to someone off stage. Who was he talking to? Not Arsenio, because he wasn’t supposed to be all the way to Magic’s right. So now Magic looked like a crazy person talking to the guy holding the boom mic or maybe some sort of gaffer or something. Basically, he looked like he was talking to anyone but the people he was supposed to be talking to.

Priceless. I can’t think about it too much even now or I will just laugh til I cry again.

Clay was having a tough time too, wandering around New York getting kids to break into restricted areas just so he could get his footage. And getting yelled at by little league coaches. But that was a walk in the park compared to what happened when he got back to base with Debbie.

She thought Clay was wrong to play music on the ad. He had some good news when Lisa from the other team offered to pay big bucks for a ticket to his show. But then Clay and Debbie clashed over music again. She wanted input from him; he wanted to see everything from start to finish before giving notes. No matter how many times they said it, the other just didn’t get it.

Then Clay and Debbie argued about the mural that Debbie’s cousin was going to paint. Clay wanted to approve the sketches first. Sounds reasonable, right? But Debbie said Clay was “insecure” and Clay corrected Debbie speaking on the phone to her own cousin.

It all looks like it’s setting up to be a pretty tense finale next week. Can’t wait!

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