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Bachelor Season 16 Finale Spoilers! Who Does Ben Flajnik Pick?

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We have had the Bachelor season 16 premiere now so no doubt your appetite has been sharpened for something other than turkey. So let’s hope these Bachelor spoilers don’t turn out to be turkeys.

If you don’t want to read any Bachelor spoilers then stop reading right now.

Ben Flajnik has already revealed that he “likes aggressive, forward girls.” So who will suit him out of this season’s cohort of hopeful ladies? She won’t be anything like Emily Maynard; that’s for sure. And apparently, not many of the new season’s girls are. The show’s host admitted the women took their cues from party animal Ben with their cussing and drinking.

Reality Steve thinks he had the final four down and the eventual winner is apparently the girl he went skinny dipping with: Courtney Robertson. She is certainly this season’s bad girl. That might be great for Ben for a while but will it ultimately be good for The Bachelor? Whoever heard of a fairytale ending of “happy ever after” for a bad girl?

Anyway, the word is that Courtney Robertson is the one Ben Flajnik picks.

Also making it into the final four bachelorettes are Kacie Boguskie, Nicki Sterling, and Lindzi Cox.

Kacie Boguskie is eliminated after the hometown dates so Nicki, Lindzi, and Courtney head off to Switzerland for the overnight dates. Nicki is eliminated after the overnights, which leaves the final two as Lindzi and Courtney.

The final rose ceremony takes place on Sunnegga Mountain, with the Matterhorn as the backdrop. Faced with a choice between an easy going, horse riding girl or the one with the potty mouth disliked by just about everyone else, who went skinny dipping with Ben in Puerto Rico, who does he choose? Naturally, Ben went with his… (fill in the blank yourself there).

Ben chose Courtney Robertson and they are engaged. This particular Bachelor spoiler looks sound as Ryan Seacrest has promoted Courtney a couple of times now on his radio show. Apparently she dumped her previous boyfriend specifically to appear on the show but she didn’t explain that to him. Nice!

What do you think of these spoilers? Do they look good to you?

17 Responses to “Bachelor Season 16 Finale Spoilers! Who Does Ben Flajnik Pick?”

  1. rebecca says:

    ben is an idiot i can’t believe he picked that bi^ch he should of picked lindi she was way better than that retard i hope they dont make it he can do way better than her i dont know what he was thinking but anyway like they say love is blind


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  2. Rachael says:

    There is a reason people are attracted to each other. Love may be blind, but for a reason. We all have our issues, and subconsciously, I believe we are attracted to those we would be able to understand and work with.

    I believe in love! And I believe in marriage and families!


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  3. Rachael says:

    If I were to get a message to Ben and Courtney, I would say ~ MOVE FORWARD. Forgive, believe and just keep moving. Things will get better and better if you do this! Don’t listen to all the negativity. People are relentless, unforgiving. But I believe in marriage. So many people have wrong ideas about marriage. That’s why it fails so often in our society. It is painful to grow. But with each other, you can be far better than you ever were alone. The lovey dovey feelings will come and go. Through the hard times, you have to believe that they will come again, and work toward it. They always return. I’ve felt that in my own marriage, getting past the seven year point, has led to new heights in our relationship. I couldn’t be happier with the man I married and had to work through some pretty serious emotional issues to get to this point. But he always stood by me. It only takes one who is in it forever until the other can get to the point to commit. I wasn’t capable of it before. But I had great faith in my ability to get to that point. I chose an amazing man. And I will be forever grateful that I was willing to let him in enough to help me to change and heal.

    We are going on nine years, and are expecting our fifth child. Having the time of our lives, and are so in love. It is possible to get through anything with each other.

    Two necessary ingredients to a successful marriage are commitment, and faith. All the other things come with time. These are simple choices that shape who we are each day. Everyone has a lot of potential. It’s better to have your best friend by your side as you figure out what that is!


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  4. Lynn says:

    I was at the store the other day and at the cash register it has all these books there starring you in the face and there was one there called “In Touch” and on the very front of it , it said that Ben picks Courney but I saw a commerical on TV where it showed the girl from about knee down and she had on a black dress and she had got out of the plane that flew her to Ben and while she was walking up to Ben she is saying to herself ole my gosh this is really real now and I just don’t knows if I am ready for marriage and she talks to low that you can’t tell if it is Courtney or Lindsey so I am wondering if he does pick Courtney if she is going to turn him down and if they do wined up together it won’t last and I would love to know what Ben thinks after he goes back and watches the whole show and sees for himself what a b**ch Courtney is and he will wish that he had listen to Kacie B when she came back to him for answers and what she told him about Courtney. If he chose her he derserves what he gets because he was warned several times and I can’t want to see Emily come back and I hope she finds TRUE love after all she has been throgh she DESERVES it :) :)


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  5. Megan says:

    OMG Ben I hope this is not true Icant stand that BIT^H but u know what ben isnt that hot anyways lol they can be together n she will leave him to go do porn like she was already offered while the show was airing


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  6. shaganemo69 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. Barb says:

    @Angie Diego: Are you serious? Who are you like Courtney mother or sister.


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  8. Barb says:

    If Courney his choice he is an idiot. I can now understand why there are so many divorces. Love is blind!


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  9. Angie Diego says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. Slg says:

    Ben is an jerk! Courtney a snake and will get him in the end and he deserves it! What an idiot now we know why he is single!


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  11. Morgan says:



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  12. Kristen says:

    I read another site that said that Reality steve is wrong again and he doesnt pick courtney! I sure hope this is right! I know reality steve has been wrong in the past!


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  13. LauraAnn says:

    But one added note….. I have heard many times that the producers of this show can make people look as good or as evil as they want them to so I’m really hoping that is the case with Courtney. I just wish that for once….FOR ONCE…..this method of finding love would work out for just a few more of them. I think there are some really great girls/guys that are way overlooked. So far I agree with Ben’s choices. I would even keep Courtney around because her and Ben really do “mesh” well…..if she would just act towards the girls and around the girls like she does with Ben even I would like her. I liked Courtney until last night even though the last couple of weeks she wasn’t “so nice”……think she reminded me of ME in some ways, but not after last night. Some of that was uncalled for in front of the camera or not.


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  14. LauraAnn says:

    I absolutely NEVER read or pay attention to the spoilers. I have been so “outdone” with Ben and this season that I wanted to see if I was remotely correct, because I just had a feeling that we were seeing a remake of the Jake/Vienna season and wouldn’t you know it I was right. If he does choose Courtney at the end of this……which the end has already come and gone……so if he chose Courtney I am really going to have to give my loyalty a second look. I have watched this show since the day it aired. I do look forward to Emily being the Bachelorette. I really want her to find true happiness :) Courtney… she is another story. I am a huge Casey B. fan, but I don’t think she has what it takes to get to the end. Sorry!


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  15. cheryl says:

    If these spoilers are accurate, then it is a total shame that all this info episode by episode is released. It is not worth airing the show. we know the results and if they are accurate he is completely stupid. I will no longer watch the show as we know the answer early on. Maybe he needs to watch the show himself. totally unbelievable.


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  16. TC says:

    I cannot stand that B itch Courtney. since week 1. I think the only 2 girls that is right for Ben r Jennifer and Linzie.She is such an ugly person inside and out. If he really picks her then it is only because she is A model. . These women need to grow a back bone if they want to survive this experience. I do not see him & Courtney lasting longer than it takes to film the rest of the show. They will be BUST BY THE ATFR AIRS.


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  17. daliagem says:

    If Ben really picked this &*&$#%, then he is dumber than he looks. She is about the ugliest, mean spirited, vengeful person that I have ever seen. A pretty face can only take you so far…Ben will eventually see through her true motives or she will dump him as soon as the show ends. Watch and see!


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