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Bachelor Pad 2 (2011): Recap, Contestants Couple Up

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This weeks Bachelor Pad begins with host, Chris Harrison telling the contestants th

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at they will be competing as couples from here on out. He hints that they may want to get to know their partners as best as possible before the next competition.

Holly keeps her promise to pair up with her ex, Michael. Michelle pairs up

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with what looks to be her new boyfriend, Graham. Everyone’s favorite couple, Vienna and Kasey obviously pair up. Ella and Kirk decide to work together. This leaves Blake with Erika.

As all the other couples begin quizzing each other about every fact of their lives from birth until present day, Kasey and Vienna are going to bed. They assume that because they are the only real couple, they have it in the bag.

Competition time arrives the contestants are told they’ll be playing “The Nearly-wed Game” and that the winners will receive a night out and roses and the runners up will also get a night out.

The game begins and as is to be expected, there are several awkward moments. When asked who she would like to sleep with in the house, Holly answers Blake. When asked who he wants to kiss, Blake answers Holly. When asked who he most dislikes, Michael answers, “It rhymes with snake, Blake.”

As need someone write my paper the other couples are racking up the points, trailing in last place is “the most in love couple in Bachelor history”, Vienna and Kasey. Have these two actually met in real life outside of the show? They know nothing about each other.

In the most awkward moment ever, Graham answers 7 when asked when he lost his virginity. When Michelle answered 7 as well, the other couples catch on to their strategy. They agreed to answer 7 for any numerical question, Mike for any guy question, and Holly for any girl question.

In the end, the strategy works and Graham and Michelle are safe for the week and treated to a night out. Coming in second and being treated to a romantic date is Blake and Erika.

Vienna begins pouting about how she and Kasey should have won. The frustration is causing tension between the happy couple.

The date cards arrive and Graham and Michelle find out they will be treated to a movie night. They are picked up by helicopter and taken to downtown LA. The chemistry between the couple is obvious and it seems like a real relationship is blossoming.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Vienna bursts into the kitchen complaining that Kasey just ripped her ring off her finger because she wouldn’t have sex with him. The rest of the contestants feel awkward and pretty much ignore them. The couple goes back to the bedroom and continues fighting about how she doesn’t want to have sex. Kasey threatens to leave the show if she doesn’t go downstairs and cuddle with him. He says, “It’s tough. It’s not easy dating her, but I love her.”

Erika makes it no secret that she hopes to end up in bed with Blake during their date.

The two are taken to an old Inn for their date. When the couple sits down to dinner they are shocked to see two roses and a card telling them they are allowed to save one other couple. They begin strategizing to decide who would help them if they saved them.

Then Erika tells Blake they should just enjoy themselves and give in to any tension that there may be. Blake nervously makes excuses as to why he doesn’t want to spend the night with her. Erika is relentless and says she brought sexy lingerie. She is basically begging him to sleep with her at this point. She even says that as her partner he owes it to her to do this one thing. Eventually it just turns weird and Blake calls her out for coming on too strong. She gets mad and tells him she doesn’t care for his attitude. They don’t spend the night.

Back at the house, Michael is confessing his love and apologizing to Holly. Holly is mad that he waited until she expressed interest in someone else. She tells him she is “checked out”. Later, Holly cries to Ella about how nobody realizes how badly Michael hurt her in the past. She says she is really interested in Blake but worries he may just be playing the game.

Blake and Erika decide to save Kasey and Vienna in hopes that they will help keep them around. Suddenly safe, the happy couple is back and can’t keep their hands off each other.

The night of the rose ceremony, as most people are voting and strategizing Holly and Blake are making out on the patio. Mike walks past and sees them kissing.

Michelle and Graham decide to vote off Blake and Erika, as do Kirk and Ella.

Vienna and Kasey and Blake and Erika vote to send Kirk and Ella home.

Michael and Holly have the deciding vote. Michael is adamant about sending Blake home but Holly is the one who gets to vote. She cries to Ella about the decision she has to make.

Finally the rose ceremony arrives and it is revealed that the couple going home is Blake and Erika. As they are saying goodbye, Holly hands Blake a note.

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In the limo Blake reads the note, order viagra cheap it say, “This isn’t the end for us…”

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