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Bachelor 2012 Season 16: Do You Believe The Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Love Story?

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After the Bachelor 2012 finale spoilers I have been giving out today, I wanted to try to make sense of Ben Flajnik’s journey through season 16. Call it therapy, if you will. Indulge me, OK?

Because believe it or not, Ben has made his choice and tonight we find out for certain who he picks. All the evidence points towards a Ben and Courtney romance, but wit everything else that everyone else (including me, I guess) has against Courtney Robertson, I wanted to have a look at whether they just might be a love match, after all.

Let’s have a look back at some of Courtney and Ben’s most memorable moments on The Bachelor season 16.

Host Chris Harrison thinks Courtney hooked Ben right from the moment she stepped out of the limo. Courtney sauntered up to Ben and told him “I watched last season and I have to admit, I have the biggest crush on you.” She played with his hair (we all know that is shorthand for serious interest) and said she loved it. After she went in to the Bachelor house, Ben remarked, “That is a pretty girl.” True, she is. I can admit that.

“What you see is what you get with me, I’m just nice, normal…” Courtney said later on premiere night, letting Ben know she was available. “Nice,” “normal”? OK, so looking back, the signs were there that Courtney is either delusional or a great liar. Courtney told the cameras she and Ben had the best talk and her plan was to just be patient and let the other girls shoot themselves in the feet. I don’t know how, with the amount of nasty talking she did, but she seems to have pulled off this strategy with Ben.

Their first date was a big success. Courtney definitely lucked out to get a date in Ben’s hometown of Sonoma, complete with howling time with his beloved  dog, Scotch. Ben and Courtney said they were in the same place in their lives: good work situations, just needing someone to fill their lives. Ben said Courtney is the full package: she’s smart, witty, drop-dead gorgeous.

“It’s almost too good to be true,” he told the cameras.

Well, yes, it is – so when are you going to wake up and smell the coffee?

Ben couldn’t understand why Courtney was still single. Hey, I have a couple of ideas…

Right back then, Ben was looking at the big picture and seeing a future with Courtney. They both have issues with trust, which seemed to draw them together. That was the same episode where Courtney gave Ben a love letter and told him she could picture him as her husband.

Episode 3 upset Courtney with the return of Shawntel Newton (or “what’s her butt” as Courtney called her). After laying down the law and saying Shawntel had to go, Ben and Courtney had a nice moment on the roof of a San Francisco hotel. They held hands and he told her he had been thinking about her a lot in the past week. “I don’t know what you did to me that day…” He said he couldn’t get her out of his head. He didn’t expect to feel something so quickly. Neither did she.

And then she said “I think we’d make cute babies.” Too soon! This was starting to look creepy to me.

But things relaxed again on the fly fishing with Ben. She even managed a 1-on-1 during the group date. The girls were jealous about this but I guess there really was nothing stopping them doing what Courtney did: approaching Ben to talk to him.

Courtney maybe earned her passionate hands-on-the-face  kiss this time.

Ben had already shown a lot of interest in Courtney and told Emily O’Brien to quit dissing her.

But he really sealed the Courtney deal when accepted her invitation for the two to take a (secret) nude dip in the ocean together. She showed up after dark at his room in Puerto Rico and it didn’t take much convincing to join her in skinny dipping.

Yeah, Ben and Courtney definitely did the deed that night, don’t you think? So we had a walk of shame and we were barely at the season halfway point. But Ben felt “crappy” about it. I wonder how Courtney felt?

Courtney upset the girls (again) by going without a bra under her grass top in Panama. But Ben was impressed. He was even more scantily clad in a loin cloth. Courtney painted “B + C = ?” on Ben’s back and Emily snapped that it gave her flashbacks to seventh grade, but that kind of trash-talking wasn’t exactly mature, was it?

That night, Ben stole Courtney away and they leaned into each other with clear “I’m into you” body language. Ben told her “I really appreciate the fact that you notice me and you’re assertive and confident and I really like those things about you.” He asked if those things got her in hot water with the other women. She said they do. He told her not to stop doing them.

She didn’t.

Courtney stole Jamie’s thunder by stripping down to her bikini while Jamie was trying to tell Ben how hard it was for her to open up. Well, Jamie was never going to be right for Ben, was she? But Jamie was so distracted by Courtney she didn’t even want to kiss Ben. Ben eventually decided The Courtney Robertson Show was more interesting than Jamie’s babbling and started to watch her, too.

By Episode 7 in Belize, Courtney was so tired of just hanging around in the house with women who didn’t like. She told Ben she basically wanted another one-on-one date or she was leaving. Fair enough since, by then, Emily, Kacie and Lindzi had all had second individual dates. But of course the women flipped out about that, but then Ben did give Courtney another date and they openly discussed her personality and feelings.

Courtney was either ground down by the tension in the house or se was playing hard to get. Anyway, Ben had to woo her this time.

“Out of anyone that’s been here you’re the one that consistently seems to care,” he told her.

So Ben was convince Courtney wanted him, rather than just to win a competition. Did she convice you too?

“I want a woman with a little bit of edge. I want someone that’s a little bit weird,” Ben said.

Well, Courtney ticks those boxes, doesn’t she? “Unique,” Ben called her.

Then we reached the hometown dates, where some would say Courtney showed a softer side. For the first time, Courtney seemed to recognize that she might regret some of the way she’s acted on The Bachelor.


And then there was the mock wedding. I admit, this creeped me out, even before she borrowed part of her fake vows from Sex and the City. But you could say it was a really romantic moment. Ben seemed hooked.


“What are the things I like most about this woman?’ She challenges me. She keeps me on my toes. She’s funny. she’s confident. She’s sexy. She’s beautiful. I don’t know. She keeps me thinking. She keeps me thinking,” said Ben.


Is this the stuff that true love is made of?

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