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America’s Next Top Model’ 2012 Recap Shocker: Two Eliminated As One Model Walks Out!

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Last night’s episode was one of the most exciting and unexpected finishes on “America’s Next Top Model” as one of the girls voluntarily walked off the show. That didn’t stop the planned elimination going ahead, though. 

Catherine’s exit last week left three Brits and two Americans still standing in the competition.

Laura was feeling confident since she won best photo, but she was aware that although Sophie was happy for her, the others were waiting for her to mess up. It’s certainly “getting a bit catty”, as Alisha pointed out.  Laura confessed, “Eboni is an obnoxious, spoiled little brat.”

Alisha was annoyed at being in the bottom two again last week, as she was never in the bottom 2 in ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ and that she “doesn’t understand what they want from me”. But Annaliese was much more confident:

“I’m kind of steadily going upwards”, she said, suggesting that Alisha was “deteriorating”.

Traveling to Hong Kong for the challenge drove everyone crazy as they had to listen to Laura’s desperate sex talk, which disgusted Alisha.

The challenge was a fight scene, and the prize was to appear in a Nicholas Tse music video. Alisha was hoping her brother’s background in martial arts would help her, but at least some of the girls had their own experience. Sophie just imagines taking down the other models and that inspired her.

The acting in the screen test was pretty bad from all the models, to be honest, and Eboni even messed up her lines, although  she was nice enough to say that Alisha “nailed it”! I love how Sophie admitted that she’d overexcited herself by the time she got onto set. “It’s like glitter coming out of her fists” said Alisha.

You can imagine how well Alisha took the fact that Laura won the challenge.

“I’m hating right now and I don’t care,” she growls. “I’m p*ssed off, big time.”

Back at the house, the badmouthing continued, with Laura being accused of sleeping her way to the top, which she denied strongly.

The models were awoken early next morning for their photo shoot, posing on top of the Macau Tower, 764ft above the ground! That almost made Sophie cry right from the get-go. She was asked to go first but she begged for somene to take her place, which Nigel was understanding about. But as soon as Laura volunteered to go in her place, Sophie instantly decided she’d do it. Laura is a great motivator!

I was really impressed with how a clearly terrified Sophie coped with the shoot.

“It’s the hardest thing I ever had to do,” she said.

Annaliese did well too, although she too was petrified, not of heights, but “of falling from heights.” Priceless!

Laura didn’t win any friends with Nigel and Jay being so compimentary about the way she used her nerves.

Eboni chose to focus on her facial expression but Alisha really went for it,  despite her nerves. She bemoaned the fact that whatever she does she gets “mediocre pictures.” Nigel seems to agree; he says he knows that Alisha was determined to do well… but she’s “not letting herself actually be as beautiful as she can be”.

Back at the hotel, the models were still traumatized by the shoot and by Laura’s complete lack of sensitivity for their plight. Alisha had had enough and said if she was in the bottom two she would go home.

So was she? Here’s what the panel had to say about the models:


Nigel praised the way Annaliese incorporated her harness for “great archer moves”. Annaliese’s biggest critic Kelly is also impressed, saying she has a “yogic warrior pose.” Tyra wanted her “relax the nose” in future. So of course she’s staying. But I don’t know how you relax (or tense) the nose.


Nigel thought this was an “odd pose” and she could have done better. Tyra wanted more “swan neck.” Hang on a minute: in the shoot, she was asked to lower her chin! Kelly also expressed concern that Alisha does not look as beautiful in photos as she does in real life.


Sophie admitted that the photo shoot was “probably the most petrifying thing” but Nicholas was impressed she didn’t actually look scared. Kely didn’t like the pose, though.


Nigel was disappointed that Eboni didn’t make mor eof the shoot, since she wasn’t scared, but while her body language was good her face wasn’t. Kelly likened it to “the Leaning Tower of Pisa mixed with a candy store,” although Nigel thought it was “gutsy.”


Kelly loved the photos, calling them “amazing.” She had a little criticism about Laura’s hand, but that was it. Nigel wanted to see more leg extension. Tyra agreed that the photo was “absolutely beautiful” and said Laura is an example of a model knowing her angles.

The upshot of the judges’ deliberation was:

Best photo: Laura

Runners up: Sophie and Annaliese

Bottom 2: Alisha and Eboni

Both Alisha and Eboni were in  tears at the news. Then came the drama. Eboni was eliminated but Alisha shook her head and said she couldn’t stay in the competition.

“I’d rather walk away and get my spirit back,” she said, sobbing and insisting that she’s not being ungrateful but that she didn’t want to take this opportunity away from any of the other models, including Eboni.

Tyra let Alisha leave…but…shock, horror… still eliminated Eboni too.

‘America’s Next Top Model’ airs Wednesdays on The CW. Can the next episode possibly be as dramatic as this one!

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