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American Idol 2012 Season 11 Top 7 Results: Shock As Jessica Sanchez Polls Lowest Votes

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With the American Idol 2012 finale just a month away, last night saw probably the most dramatic results show we had had in a very long time. One big favorite with the judges, Jessica Sanchez, almost did not make the Top 6. But there was a unanimous and almost spontaneous use of the judges’ one and only save for the season. Did they put it to good use?

Here’s how all the American Idol results drama occurred last night:

On Wednesday night’s performance episode the Top 7 took on songs from this decade (2010, 2011 and 2012). For me, in that show, Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone gave the best performances of the night. America clearly doesn’t agree with me. They failed to pull in the votes and these singers found themselves in the bottom three. But not before some character assassination by Jimmy Iovine.

Hollie and Jessica were called up to the stage first. Jimmy said that although they are two very good technical singers, Hollie has learned a lot of habits that make her stiff and Jessica has habits that make her seem natural. The girls are sent to opposite sides of the stage and we thought that all meant Hollie was in danger, right? We didn’t find out anything else before a cracking performance from Idol alumnus James Durbin, but I bet Hollie was worried.

Next up were Phillip and Elise. Jimmy thought they were both Bottom Three, but we see that isn’t so when Phillip has to join Hollie and Elise joins Jessica on the other side of the stage. Hollie and Phillip really had to be sweating at this point. Then Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo performed.

Colton and Joshua were called up next, both of whom Jimmy thinks did well the previous night. Joshua was sent to stand with Jessica and Elise, Colton with Hollie and Phillip on the other side of the stage.

That left Skylar alone on the couch. Jimmy feared she might be too subtle for this competition. But more than that, Jimmy stuck his neck out to say that he thought the bottom three were Phillip, Elise and Hollie. Wrong!

Skylar knew she was safe but refused to be drawn on which group she should join. There was an awful lot of shock and awe in that studio and probably in millions of homes as Ryan Seacrest announced that Phillip, Colton and Hollie were safe. Just shows you what Jimmy Iovine knows, right?

But we weren’t done yet with the shocks. Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone found themselves in the bottom three but Elise had to have been feeling she was dead and buried here. Didn’t she?

First to hear he was safe was Joshua and I was gearing up for the inevitable goodbye to Elise. Sorry, Elise, I was. Jessica has had nothing but praise all through this American Idol competition. But no. Elise was safe and Jessica had to sing for her save! Except she didn’t.

For the first time ever on American Idol, the three judges got up on stage and told Jessica to get off the stage because they were saving her. Randy said Jessica is one of the best singers in America. For me, she’s certainly one of the best singers in the competition. So what went wrong for Jessica Sanchez this week? Were the judges right to use their one and only save on her?

11 Responses to “American Idol 2012 Season 11 Top 7 Results: Shock As Jessica Sanchez Polls Lowest Votes”

  1. yeayea says:

    @jaden: Yes only Americans are racist. You’re a damn idiot.


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  2. jay says:

    what the judges did was a bit drastic that it might backfire against Jessica. Their actions might alienate Jessica more with the other contestants and their fan base… but then again, it might also give Jessica fans out there more initiative to vote for her. I just think that they should’ve let her finish the song and save her afterwards.


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  3. sam says:

    surprised at how many people are tone deaf….


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  4. Katharine B says:

    I have watched american idol since Carrie Underwood won who I still love today but I have to wonder why for the last 3 years boys have mostly won and not girls? Scotty who won last year sounded the same during all his songs as his unusual deep voice hadn’t matured enough making songs sound the same and Lauren Alania should have won. I hadnt realised maybe the fact American is a racists country (United Kingdom isnt perfect either!) so maybe Jessica and Joshua were voted in bottom 3 for that reason.
    I felt for Jessica as she has a great voice though I get annoyed as although there a 4 girls and 3 boys still, the chances are another boy will win. I am glad the judges saved her though as Jessica is good and she would make our own The X Factor struggle to match her voice! As America is a huge country theres no doubt Jessica and Joshua might not make the final 3 but the finale these days seems sooo predictable and has left me disappointed.


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  5. Rose says:

    @PHILLY10: Greetings from Dubai. Wow I was shocked about the result last night. I think Jessica and joshua are very talented and don’d deserved to be voted out anytime soon. I hope America will vote base on their performance not on their nationality. Go Jessica we love you.


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  6. jaden says:

    Americans are just being their usual selves – racists. Joshua and Jessica ARE the best sngers this year but they will not win this because somebody from the white race will surely get voted into winning – like the terrible blondie singer Hollie.


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  7. ashley says:

    I’ve never loved any american idol contestant so much like jessica sanchez…
    she’s the best singer in the competition!


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  8. ashley says:

    jesica sanchez is so the best!!!


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  9. Robert T. says:

    I agree with almost everyone’s comments and says, Jessica Sanchez has been performing so well and professionally. What a great voice she has, the control, the dynamics and clarity as well. I rather suggest that there should be a percentage of voting public and the 3 judges itself add together to come up with a results not just the voting online itself. Its so unfair. So the decision of the 3 judges was just in the right time giving the power of 1 Save.


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  10. QueenB says:



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  11. PHILLY10 says:

    Nothing went wrong for Jessica Sanchez she has been outstanding from Day1.
    The judges had it tough for them to use their one save, it came down to either using that save for Jessica or Joshua when it came down to the crunch.
    And I knew they were gonna save that one save for either of them if all went down. America I say some people out there don’t have talent and don’t know what talent is, but either looks at their background or race, I just say there is either too many people out there that vote by colour, or not enough people out there supporting their country or those that can sing! I honestly say Joshua and Jessica have it in the bag, they are top singers thruout the cop. Hollie needs to go she should have went last week, not Deandre, she has been getting negative feedback from the judges and yet she’s still in, and yet she still not listening and picking up from the judges to do a OUTSTANDING performance. in the end we all know it comes down to America voting, I wouldnt’ be surprised if Jessica or Joshua don’t take this idol out. Coz we know Its the public’s vote, and its not because they can’t sing, it’s because THEY CAN sing!


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