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All My Children Ends TONIGHT, Moves Online, SPOILERS

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Tonight is the end of an era. All My Children leaves our TV screens for good, facing an uncertain future online.

It’s the end of the 41 year old soap, all my children. Heck, that’s older than me, and my mom says she prefers the soap to me and my siblings sometimes! So how will be say goodbye to All My Children and celebrate the legacy of Pine Valley?

After more than ten thousand episodes and numerous ground-breaking storylines, All My Children as we know it comes to an end tonight. We’ve grown up and some of us grown old, with some of Pine Valley’s favorite families: the Kanes, the Hubbards, The Martins and the Chandlers.

It’s fitting then that this past week should have been dedicated to several special episodes featuring guest stars such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva La Rue, David Canary, Julia Barr, Ray MacDonnell, Lee Meriwether, Justin Bruening and Alexa Havins.

Can we expect our beloved Pine Valley residents to live happily after when All My Children  departs from ABC? Several of the stars and crew currently involved in the show spoke with TV Guide about what to expect in the season finale and so we have a few SPOILERS for you.

Read on if you think All My Children spoilers will help soften the blow of what happens tonight; otherwise tune in, sit back and watch it all unfold, or hopefully all get wrapped up in a satisfying manner that befits the demise of this veteran soap.

Show runner Julie Hanan Carruthers stress how the program makers want to leave us as happy as possible, with an overarching sense of family. That’s why all the families, no matter how dysfunctional they are, will come together in some way tonight. The show will ends as a tribute to them.

You get a real sense of history in the final episode. Adam and Brooke throw a party to which pretty much the whole cast gets invited. It’s sure to be a moving and spectacular moment for all fans of the show which has earned more than forty Emmy awards.

But is there hope for All My Children yet? Some of its stars have already signed up to take the show online. Cameron Mathison, who plays Ryan Lavery, and Lindsay Hartley, who plays Dr. Cara Castillo Martin, were the first to sign deals to join the show when it moves online.

All My Children is expected to begin on the Internet early next year. Ho would you like to see sign up next from the All My Children cast?

20 Responses to “All My Children Ends TONIGHT, Moves Online, SPOILERS”

  1. APK says:

    I cannot tell you how upset I am about All My Children going off of the air. It was one of the few things I got to do to spend some quality time with my mom. It was a AMAZING show and every time the allotted hour was up, I was looking forward to the next episode and for what surprises it would bring. AMC brought some light into every room that it was being watched on. I hope it gets continued online and that lots of the same cast actors and actresses will continue the show online. I will miss you AMC, and you ROCK Agnes Nixon!!! :D


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  2. I too have watched AMC off & on since the day it started. Between working and raising a family, I may have missed some of it,but as of l998 have not missed any. Would even come home if I was out shopping so I could watch AMC. That is until we got Soapnet & vcr’s. I really, really, really, really, really, really, miss this show.


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  3. Kim says:

    I will never watch one part of the chew, I also fast forward every commercial that comes on during oltl , my heart hurts for amc I want it back :( The only time my tv will b on abc is when oltl is on then good bye Chanel 5 I longer watch that Chanel at all


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  4. Susan says:

    I was in shock that they actually ended All My Children. I was watching the tribute to AMC on the view, it was very sad. I was dissappointed in the ending.
    A cliffhanger really. On the other hand I believe in deep in my heart that Pine Valley will be back.


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  5. DEB says:

    I will not say goodby becuse I am hoping that we will see you all again in Pine Valley
    Thanks for all the memories
    I e mailed Ann Sweeney from ABC daytime let her know how you feel


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  6. Vickie says:

    I will miss All My Children soooo very much. All the Actors out of work what a shame.:( What can we the people do to get it back on T.V. ABC you let us down.


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  7. E. Doreen says:

    ABC, you are not thinkin straight!!


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  8. E. Doreen says:

    @Linda: Response to Linda says: September 23, 2011 at 9:39 pm
    Hi…I was very touched by “The View” today…I cried a lot and enjoyed ….

    Linda, you said it all; thank you from yours truly and many many many other true AMC lovers!

    PS: ABC and Brian Frons – I, too, really do believe that “The Chew” will fall flat on its …. face … in the AMC timeslot. I am just one long time ABC fan who will not watch future ABC daytime programing. Many millions of hurt and ired viewers feel as I do. This time, however, it is unlikely your sorry …uhm … network … will be saved by “Who wants to be a Millionaire.”


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  9. Linda says:

    Hi…I was very touched by “The View” today…I cried a lot and enjoyed seeing so many people from amc. I thought the beginning of the finale of amc was touching and pretty good…but I did not understand why they had the cliff hangers they did. I understand that they had to have some cliff hangers to make people continue to watch the show on-line….but I dont get why they had cliff hangers with J.R. Erica and David’s UNdead patient…because we know that these people are Not continuing with the show, so how will they be able to resolve any of the cliffhangers?? Makes no sense.
    On the other hand, I did enjoy how Jack finally turned Erica down, hopefully for good! He should’ve ended up with Crystal though…and Stuart should’ve changed J.R.’s mind and softened him….also Babe should’ve been the other patient of Davids and had a happy ending with J.R. and A.J. I’m glad Bianca finally got her happy ending…J.R. should’ve apologized for his Lesbian cracks he was making. I will miss Angie and Jessie alot and am so glad she got her eyesight back! I could go on and on about all the people on the show I will miss… Brian Frons and the Chew SUCK…you will FAIL! I will Miss the show very much. Agnes Nixon you Rock and so do you AMC! You live forever and always!


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  10. B.J. says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  11. Bonnie M says:

    It was not an ending…it was a rip-off! They could have wrapped up all the loose ends for all those loyal fans who won’t be able to watch online, and still be able to continue later on-line if that comes through. It was a bad decision to cancell the show, and a worse one to leave it hanging the way they did. I watched all week eager to see how the clever writers would wrap it up, and it just left me pissed off.


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  12. Marion says:

    We can always hope that “The Chew” fails miserably and that ABC realizes they may have been wrong for dropping “All My Children” and makes a deal with the new owners to put it back on television.


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  13. Stephanie says:

    I think it was a great ending, suspenseful, a good set up for online for you true All My Children viewers;) For those of you like my Mom that is 90 and can’t work a computer, and has watched AMC since day one, please help them, with all the technology out there like cell’s, please spend the time hook them up:) AMC we love you! and gonna miss you on day T.V! This last week has been so emotional, I feel like I lost a family member. I wish you all well at AMC, and good luck with your careers ;) ) See ya soon online!!!


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  14. Lora says:

    i believe that they are encouraging us to watch online…purposely, we have to now to find out what happened…i will watch online, can’t wait


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  15. Chris says:

    Did anyone else giggle when “JR” did the shooting instead of “who shot JR”. Also the “Gone with the Wind” reference with Jack and Erica was great. They purposely left it up in the air to continue online. I wll give it a try, been watching since the first episode.


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  16. Laurie Powell says:

    My grandma watched the show when it began. That is how I started watching it, as a child during the summer months at her house.
    I worked at an elevator shop in Auburn Hills, Michigan for 10 years & we listened to it on our TV radios every afternoon.
    I was shocked at the ending to say the least! Most everyone had a happy ending. They left us hanging about the one other person that David has kept alive. And just who did JR shoot, Erica or Adam, if either one of them? I still think that Jack should have ended up with Krystal. ‘All My Children’ we will miss you dearly!!!


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  17. Team Cambias says:

    It’s like the Dallas and Dynasty cliffhangers rolled into one… JR pulls the trigger, someone (supposedly) gets hit and nobody knows the outcome because the show is over! What a gyp! DX


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  18. Tara Lynne says:

    I agree. Did not like the last scene at all. I wish the series would continue on TV instead of online. So many more stories to tell and finish-especially with the newer characters from over the past few years. Grateful for the show over the years, but would prefer the show would continue.


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  19. Julie says:

    I dislike the way it ended. Guess I was just wanting more. I will miss You Pine Valley. What’s up with JR? I want to know who he aimed for and missed and who he actually shot. What a fool he is.


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  20. It was terrible the way the show ended. It leaves everyone up in the air and makes you think that there will be a follow up series. I hope that they will continue.


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