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“The Bachelor” UK Recap: Episode 1

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25 girls tonight competed for the honor of becoming the girlfriend of “The Bachelor UK 2011,” Gavin Henson.

Henson is already an international rugby star, known as the ex-husband of singer and former child star Charlotte Church. He has two young children with her. Now he is looking for love again on “The Bachelor UK.”

Competing for Gavin’s affections are 25 beautiful girls.

Aaleeah Knowles
Aaleeah is an ex-R&B dancer who is just starting up her own business as a talent agent. Maybe ex-“Strictly Come Dancing” star Gavin Henson could impress her with some of his moves.
Angharad Rees Hadley
Angharad is looking a man who shares her traditional family values, and who wants to settle down and have kids. Well, Gavin Henson already has two kids, so will Angharad be happy with a ready made family?

April Banbury
Fashion designer and pageant winner April has been single for two years. There may be too much competition for the bathroom mirror between her and Gavin.

Bryony Frost
Bryony is looking for a man that understands he’ll always play second to her close relationship with her twin. Gavin Henson has admitted to insecurity in the past, so would he feel threatened by Bryony’s literal other half?

Carianne Barrow
Carianne is looking for a challenge. Getting Gavin to open up to her may be a challenge but he should like her cheeky sassiness and mischievous personality.

Carrie Spencer
This beauty advisor has ambitions of becoming a life coach and is planning to start a degree in social therapy. Gavin has many hidden depths she could plumb as he certainly plays his cards close to his chest. But would she freak him out by analyzing him?

Chantelle Liversidge
Feisty catwalk model Chantelle wants to find someone who is man enough to sweep her off her stilettos! That could be a step too far for shy Gavin Henson.

Danielle Morris
Danielle is the shy one of the group. She wants a relationship with a mature guy who likes independent women. His ex-wife Charlotte Church seems quite independent. But then she’s an “ex”, right? And I’m not sure Gavin Henson could be considered “mature.”

Georgie Barrett
Cruise ship singer Georgie put everything into her career. Now she is ready to settle down in one place with the man of her dreams. Could that be Gavin Henson?

Kathryn Frost
Flirty Kathryn describes herself as passionate and impulsive, and is looking for a man that holds her attention. Gavin may be terrified of her!

Keshia Dyall
Keshia is a big softy who has Rihanna’s looks. She is a university student by day and a barmaid by night. She seems to have hidden depths like Gavin Henson so could be one to watch closely.

Laura Blair
IT girl Laura is looking for the whole romantic fairytale. She wants a prince to rescue her and sweep her off her feet. She might think Gavin has those looks but will he have a strong enough personality for her?

Laura Walsh
Laura loves good-looking guys and thinks her best asset is her bottom. On a basic level, this is bound to appeal to Gavin Henson who has been accused of being nothing but a clothes rail, but will the attraction last?

Layla Manoochehri
Layla is a club manager by day and singer-songwriter by trade. She is looking for a guy who’s serious about a committed relationship. Gavin said that is what he wanted, prior to becoming “The Bachelor UK” but let’s see if he wants it with Layla.

Morgan Lees
Former fitness instructor Morgan is a glamour model and is used to people assuming she’s just a blonde bimbo. Gavin Henson knows all about being judged on his looks alone. Is there anything below the skin-deep beauty – for either of them?

Natasha Mason
Account manager, Natasha, who has travelled extensively, wants a fairytale romance and isn’t prepared to settle for anything less. Will Gavin be her Prince Charming?

Nickie Hedger
Nickie appears to be the sweet girl next door so will Gavin be excited or shocked to learn she is a glamor model?

Ola Ademola
Ola is loud, feisty and just a little bit frightening. Not likely to attract meek and mild Gavin Henson unless he likes his lady calling the shots.

Samantha Barham
Sam works as a cabin manager. Gavin, as an international rugby star, should be able to sympathize with how the constant travel makes it difficult to maintain a relationship. But with two jet-setters, will a relationship be too difficult?

Samantha Fellow
Self-confessed workaholic, Samantha has reassessed her priorities and she wants to find Mr. Right. Gavin Henson may like her attention being focused on him.

Tabby Brown
Tabby is a professional model who has been single for most of her life. Will meeting Gavin Henson on “The Bachelor UK” change all that?

Tia Hithersay
Tia is of life’s planners. She wants to be married by the time she’s 30. Will that be too much pressure for Gavin Henson or is it exactly what he’s looking for?

Vikki Herriot
Vikki is a flirt who loves dating, and is now looking for a guy who matches her spontaneous personality. Ummm… that won’t be Gavin Henson, then!

Zena Bratcher
Businesswoman Zena is super intelligent. She wants to find The One, to settle down and start a family. Let’s see if Gavin can keep up a conversation with her first before we get excited about this one!

Zivile Sataite
Finally, we have true romantic, Zivile who won’t waste her time with a guy she can’t see being her future husband. Gavin Henson better hope he impresses her early, then!

The season premiere of “The Bachelor UK” kicked off with Gavin Henson telling us how shy he is and having his parents and friends confirm that. Gavin still lives in the same Welsh village as his parents, although not exactly at home! For the “The Bachelor UK,” though, Gavin and the girls headed to a beautiful mansion in the south of France.

Morgan’s intro went well, with a couple of air kisses and a mutual giggle. That’s good as only 15 of the girls got through this round. Nickie went for a lip kiss, cupping Gavin’s face in her hands but that put a smile on his face. He likes confident girls  – he thinks!

Zivile laid her cards on the table right away, saying he must be a gentleman. I don’t know if he will like the fact she has no clue who he is. Chantelle’s reaction was full-on and Gavin seemed put off by that.

Keisha impressed him too. He said he’d be happy with any of the first five girls. The sixth girl hardly stopped to greet Gavin but April raised the level for him. Next up were a couple of cute gigglers.

Bryony impressed Gavin. Catherine confused him by being the twin sister of the woman he’s just met, Kathryn .

Aaleah , Natasha and Ola were all confident> Laura went a step further and had him twirl. Tia rushed off too.

Laura has been looking for a man since she was 1 year old! Maths is not her strong point but Sammy was excited to feel the guns. Tabby just moaned about her dress. Carrie was fine because she was sure she would be prettier than most of the girls there.

One contestant, demanded Gavin carry her. There was a face-off with her but Laura Blair. Eventually he carried her up the stairs.

Last up was Leila. She has already dates Simon Webb from the boy band Blue so she has the experience to handle Gavin’s fame. Will that help their relationship or overwhelm Gavin? But then he did pick up

First rose went to Leila. Cue massive jealousy from the other girls. But Gavin thinks she is “sweet, innocent and genuine.”At the girls’ hotel next door, Gavin Henson drops a speed dating surprise on them, keen to see what they look like “natural,” early in the morning. He certainly surprised them; most were still in bed.

Laura missed the coach completely, as did the twins. “Carrie the red head” handed over a love note as 2 minutes was not enough for her. Is that cheating? After the speed dating where the girls boasted massively, Gavin gave the second rose to her, impressed by the sentiments in the letter. The girls are not impressed but they applauded her.

Then came the moment Gavin dreaded. He had to cut out ten girls from the mix. Surely the ones who didn’t make it to the speed dates eliminated themselves?

The ten girls to be eliminated from “The Bachelor UK 2011″ with  Gavin Henson were:  Bryony Frost, Kathryn Frost, Laura Walsh, Natasha Mason, Samantha Fellow, Tabby Brown, Chantelle Liversedge, Zena Bratcher, Tia Hithersay and Samantha Barham.

What do you think to Gavin Henson’s choices so far?

3 Responses to ““The Bachelor” UK Recap: Episode 1”

  1. Matt says:

    I like the way Gavin supposedly doesn’t like fake girls and makeup but then keeps in girls like Morgan and Carrieann who get their tits out for a living – and then he lets go normal seeming girls like Zena Bratcher and Laura Walsh! Maybe scared of brains over beauty?


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  2. Lee says:

    Totally agree that girl that made him carry her was just horrid totally bonkers and not in a good way.

    On a totally girlie note does anyone know where the single mum got her gorgeous green print dress from? Totally stunning


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  3. john says:

    Gavin must be mad!!! He let go some of the best girls there!! Tia Hithersay was far the nost stunning! I mean what was he doing keeping that cocky Laura in she’s just vile and annoying!


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